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Updated July 15, 2000

A short and simple update on why I have been away for so long. I left for a trip to the U.S. to attend summer classes and expected to be able to use the computers at the college there, but unfortunately the that wasn't allowed. Now I'm sitting in front of my friend's computer, typing this message with a high fever running at the same time. I'm sorry about the delay, and will catch up with everything once the medicine I'm taking starts working. At the mean time, I'll be surveying the dubbed episodes in the U.S. since that's exactly where I am at the moment. *cheers and coughs* Until later!
- A very sick Clere *hack wheeze*

Updated June 16, 2000 12:22 PM

1) Thank you everyone, for your reports. I have them posted up here so you can all go and see what others think of the new S dub. *shudders*
2) I added a new link banner on the Link to Us page. Thank you, Kakyuu, for making the beautiful banner.
3) I also added a wav of Neptune and Uranus speaking on the Sailormoon S Reports page. Thank you, and Neko-chan!

Updated June 12, 2000 3:48 PM

Sailormoon S will be airing in the U.S. today. Everyone is at the edge of their seats, wondering just what injustice DiC will do to the show this time. Unfortunately, there are some of us who don't live in the U.S. and therefore we will have no idea what happens in the dubbed episodes. Here is a request...

Could those of you who will be watching the dubbed episodes please send me a little report of what you liked and disliked in the new dubbed series. It can be as short as two sentences or as long as a page. It can be focused on each episode or it can just be about all the episodes in general. I would like to put together all of these reports on a page so that those living elsewhere can find out what's going on, and those in the U.S. can compare what they thought about the dubbed episodes with what others thought about it.

I would greatly appreciate it if people could do this, and I will shower you with a dozen kisses to your mailbox if you do so. *hugs everyone* Thanks, and I love you all! If you decide to send me your views, just E-mail me at

Updated June 6, 2000 10:14 PM

*grumbles* Fate loves me...I'm telling you. I was updating the members page this morning for the Anti-DiC club when Tripod suddenly decided to lock down on me. *kicks Tripod* Ahem...anyways...

1) 14 new members were added to the Members List of the Anti-DiC Club
2) These new members have been added to the Puzzle, and it's looking pretty nice so far! ^-^
3) Yes, it's time for another webring announcement. I am pleased to announce that the Anti-DiC Webring will be launching *very* soon, along with the help of Theresa from Sailormoon Reflections. *_* Thanks a bunch, Theresa!

Updated June 5, 2000 5:29 PM

Now, didn't I tell you I was going to be updating like crazy for the next week or so? Here they are...

1) New Flames response. Click here to see the new response.
2) *exclaims* We have another fanfic up for you to read! It's called "Death to Censors". If any of you have an anti-DiC fanfic you want to submit, I would love it if you could E-mail it to me. Thanks!

Updated June 4, 2000 4:52 PM

*rolls up sleeves* Clere hasn't updated for awhile, and you know what this means...updating frenzy!

1) New Flames responses
2) New Responses to the fact that S and SuperS are being dubbed
3) Added a Contact Me page so you can contact me via AIM and ICQ
4) Fixed the link for Glass Rose Distributions on the Fansubs page. Thanks, Jimmy!
5) I will be updating club members and puzzle pieces soon!

Updated April 25, 2000 8:46 PM

1) Added 3 new members to the Anti-DiC Club.
2) I finally put a page up explaining about fansubs, fansubbers, distributors, etc. On the page there are also links to some very reliable distributors...if you want to see the original Sailormoon with English subtitles, than I suggest that you go look at this page!
3) Added new responses to the fact that Optimun is dubbing S and SuperS. See responses here.
4) Added a page to show which link exchanges and webrings I'm a part of.
5) All new responses to the "Serena" flame.
6) Created a new page which states the differences between the dubbed and the original. It's called "Comparisons"

Updated April 16, 2000 4:04 PM

Everybody...can we say..."I hate essays?" Goood...I knew we could! ^_^ That's what I'm stuck on right now, so the *only* update for today is...
1) Added 10 new members to the Anti-DiC Club.
2) I'll be responding to all email and updating tommorrow, or the day after that. (At the latest) Patience please! Thankyou!

Updated April 12, 2000 8:07 PM

1) Added three new members (and one is an Anti-Dub Confederation Member!) to the Puzzle
2) I've *finally* updated the Members List of the puzzle, so you can now see the names, email addresses, webpage URLs, and puzzle pieces of all of the members! ^_^ 3) Added one new response to the fact that Optimum is dubbing Sailormoon S and SuperS. Go here to see them.
4) Working working working on a new rant...after all, a rant a month keeps the visitors happy! (My alteration of "An apple a day keeps the doctor away.")

Updated April 10, 2000 12:14 AM

1) I fixed the broken "link to us" link on the main page, so if you click on it, it should bring you to a page full of buttons and banners.
2) Added two new flame responses to the Flames page
3) Added two new responses to the fact that Optimum is dubbing Sailormoon S and SuperS. Go here to see them.

Updated April 4, 2000 6:39 PM

IMPORTANT: It's true...Sailormoon S and SuperS *will* be dubbed. This is no stupid rumor from SOS or any other of those "not-to-be-trusted" pages. This is from Cartoon Network and Optimum itself. VKLL will also not be giving out fansubs of Sailormoon S and SuperS series anymore. I wrote a little article about this issue HERE, so go and take a look at it. *sigh* I'm sorry everyone...I really am.

Updated April 3, 2000 1:01 PM

1) The new version is finally up, just like I promised. Welcome to Version 2.0, version fruit! You will notice that all of the pages have been changed slightly to fit version fruit. If you want, you can still view Version 1.0, though I personally like Version 2.0 much better. What do you think?
2) I created two new pages, the Introduction and the Warning pages. The warning page is for would-be flamers to read before they decide to be stupid and flame me anyways.
3) Yes...I'm still creating that Anti-DiC Webring. Scroll down to the update on April 3, 2000 4:11 AM to read more about it.

Updated April 3, 2000 4:11 AM

1) I added a few new Anti-DIC links to the Links page, but I'm still looking for more. If you know any pages which include Anti-DIC comments in them (the page does not have to revolve around dub bashing though) then please E-mail me the links. Thanks!
2) On the flames page, I decided to reward that crazy "I'm the real Serena" girl two awards. Go to the flames page to see which awards she won.
3) I'm in the process of creating an Anti-DIC webring called "Anti-DiC Webpages Unite". If you're interested in joining, you can contact me ahead of time by E-mailing me, or you can wait for it's *official* opening.

Updated April 1, 2000

1) I regret to inform you that AWARENESS will be closing down due to an overwhelm of stupid flames....APRIL FOOLS! *Ahem* I know...I know...that was just stupid. Excuse me...I think I scrambled my brains over my one week trip. Just to let you know, no matter how many flames I get, this page will *never* close down. Besides, the flames can be pretty funny at times.
2) 2 new flame responses were added to the flames page.
3) I've finally added in all of the new Anti-DIC Club members. Their puzzle pieces, email addresses, etc. have been updated. Agh...Clere is working over time here. She just got home from the airplane and she's spending her night updating her webpage. ^_^
4) Regarding the update to version 2.0...patience is all I ask of you. I'm still jet-lag here. ~_^

Updated March 24, 2000

1) "So kiss me, and smile for me, tell me that you'll never let me go. 'Cause I'm leaving, on a jet plane! I don't know...."
...Well...I'm sure you get the point. I'm off to another country, and I won't be able to check my email or update while I'm gone. I'll be back around April 2, so expect mail from me then. (Of course, you can still email me when I'm gone...just don't expect a reply until April 2)
2) A new flame response was added to the flames page.
3) The Anti-DIC club has more members now, but I'm waiting unitl I return to email the new members their puzzle pieces and update the club's main page. Please be patient, all you wonderful club members! ^_^

Updated March 17, 2000

I'm very sorry for not updating on the set date, but teachers have suddenly gotten the idea that assigning essays and exams all due on the same two days is good for students' that's what I'm doing right now. I will, however, update AWARENESS to "Version Fruit" soon. (Basically, the main page will change and I'll be adding a new section in...nothing *overly* shocking)

Updated March 8, 2000

1) I added a new DIC rant to the opinions page. I know that one of the images on the main rant page is broken, and I'm still trying to work out why since the pic is already uploaded to my server.
2) Hooray! The Anti-DIC club got four new members, currently making the total members to five. *sweatdrops* Pretty sad, right? You can check out the club here. I added the new puzzle pieces to the puzzle.
3) This site will go under a major redecoration sometime between now and March 11, so please check back during those days to see the new design. *Hint* The new version is called: "Version Fruit"...and it's not as pathetic as it sounds. >_<

Updated February 5, 2000

1) Are there enough Anti-DIC Sailormoon people out there to complete a puzzle? This new feature is called "Join the Club". Please join today so we can complete our puzzle!
2) The opinions/rants/raves/etc. page had it's main page **slightly** changed and I also added two new rants. One is about DIC and the other is just general Sailormoon.
3) Seeing that the "Questions About This Page" page was pointless, I removed it. (Personally, I think AWARENESS is better without it!)
4) Are you feeling nice? If you want to link back to us (show the world how you feel aboout dubbed Sailormoon) then visit our new Link To Us page for banners and buttons.

Updated January 19, 2000

Added our first response for the Flames Section from Razynne!
Put up a NEW DIC (And Sailormoon) Opinions/Rants/Raves section with three rants and raves. (1 for DIC opinions and 2 for general Sailormoon) Check it out!
Added the What's New section. You are currently visiting it!
Added background music on the main page and opinions pages. Currently playing on the main page is "Tuxedo Mirage".

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