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So, you've decided to come to the feature place of Awareness, the fanfic center. Here, you can find fics tailored specially to the tastes for anti-DIC people which are humerous, serious, etc. There are some which kill off the sailor scouts, and others which compare the senshi and the scouts such as Sailormoon D. There's even a letter from DIC! (And if you believe it for one second, you just drop by the mental asylum on the way out, and I assure you that everything will be fine) We really need fanfics here. There are no requirements. All that we ask is that the fanfic has something to do with insulting or comparing the DIC dub, and that you don't sing out praises of glory to it. If you have one, please email it where I will be sure to give you proper credit. If you have a "note from the author" that you would like to add to clear up complications in your story and put all your legal information into, email that too!

Each fanfic here has a page with the summary of the fanfic, the "stats" of the fanfic (eg: humerous, gory, etc.) and a little note from the author if the author wants to add one. Please respect the fanfics and help add to them. My dreams are for this page to be a one stop fanfic section for everyone out there to read and laugh over, or to help DIC dubbies become more aware of the difference and the "truth out there".

Hope you have a great time reading these fanfics as I had writing and collecting them! (The fanfics are below my message)
Clere Crystal
That's pronounced as "Clear Crystal"

Sailormoon D
This is a humerous fanfic which shows what would happen if the original senshi met the DIC scouts. It's great for both anti-DIC people who want a laugh out of the pathetic antics of the scouts and for DIC dubbies who want to know the difference between the dub and the original.

Letters From DIC
What if DIC wrote a letter to all of the anti-DIC organizations out on the web, telling them that they have finished the plans for dubbing Sailormoon S, Super S, and Sailorstars? Another humorous piece -- let's just hope that DIC doesn't use it as a guide IF they ever do decide to dub the rest of Sailormoon!

Death to Censors--!NEW!
DiC is up to no good again, and this time Sailormoon isn't going to let them get away with it! Zoisite and Kunzite couldn't agree more as well. Join Sailormoon, Sailormars, and the two Dark Kingdom generals in an attempt to finally rid themselves of those evil DiC censors!