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It's finally happened. I knew knew it...we all knew it. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. That's absolutely true. Sailormoon S and SuperS is going to be dubbed.

This has been announced and confirmed by both Cartoon Network and Optimum. Here's some more horrible news...Pioneer isn't going to be dubbing it. The one company that most people had their hopes up high in to do a good job at dubbing Sailormoon, and our bubbles are busted. Optimum, the people who helped out in the ripping apart of the first two dubbed seasons of Sailormoon, will be dubbing S and SuperS. What has the world come to now?

For proof, here are some webpages...

Recent Optimum Projects
These are the recent projects Optimum is going through. If you look, under Animation, the very first project listed is the dubbing of Sailormoon S and SuperS. Somebody save us!

Cartoon Network
Let's all cry together here. An official posting by Cartoon Network announced that Sailormoon will be returning with the S and SuperS seasons.

You think that's bad enough? Wait until you hear this. VKLL, *the* person who fansubs the Sailormoon tapes and sells them, has removed the S and SuperS series from their order list. People will no longer have the chance to order fansubs of these seasons from them, or any other distributors who carry VKLL's tapes.

This is ultimately the worst thing that could happen in the history of Sailormoon. I think I'm about ready to break down. Sailormoon S...Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru...SuperS...Amazon Trio...Amazoness Quartet...will all be dubbed! If you would like to voice your opinions about what you think of these two seasons being dubbed, please E-mail me and I will post your email up on this site. It's a good way to release your feelings and show people that we're not going to be subjected to this misery! (Whether we have the choice to or not) If you don't want it posted but you still want to discuss it with me, then include in your message that you don't want it posted up.

There have been rumors. There have been lies. One fact is true though...the seasons will be dubbed...may God have mercy on us all.
- Clere Crystal

P.S. All right, so you are probably wondering..."What's the good news? Clere always has *some* good news with all of her moaning and complaining." Well, here's a small bit of good news. Ruka-chan, a distrubutor, will NOT take Sailormoon S and SuperS away from her fansub ordering list, no matter what happens. So all hope is not lost. Now go there and order those fansubs before the dubbed S and SuperS pollutes your mind. Thankyou Ruka-chan.

Responses to Optimum Dubbing Sailormoon S and SuperS
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