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Fansubs - See the *Real* Sailormoon

If you want to see the original Sailormoon series, but you don't understand Japanese... have no fear! There are people out there on the Internet who have made our lives easier by creating something called "Fansubs", which I will explain to you and provide links for.

Fansubs are tapes of the Sailormoon series which have English subtitles on them and are made solely by fans. For this reason, they are quite cheap. (Some are as low as $3 a tape) There are two groups involved with fansubs, "distributors" and "fansubbers".

The fansubbers are the people who actually place the subtitles onto the tape itself. The most popular of all these fansubbers is probably VKLL, (a link will be provided below) which is well known for doing a great job at fansubbing. VKLL not only subs Sailormoon, but it also subs other anime shows as well.

Distributors, on the other hand, take the tapes that the fansubbers subbed and duplicate them. They then sell the duplicates. This is *perfectly* legal, and VKLL seems to have no objection over it whatsoever. Fansubbers are more interested in helping people see the original versions than making money for themselves, so there would be no reason to get angry at the distributors.

You need not worry about ordering tapes from other people through the Internet. Fansubbers and distributors are usually very reliable, and will be sure to send you the tape that you paid for. If they took your money and ran off with it, then they would never be as popular as they are today. I only provide links to reliable distributors on this page anyways, so you can order from the distributors that I suggested without a worry.

Finally, I'll be getting to my list of fansubbers and distributors. It isn't very big as of yet, but if you know any fansubbers/distributors which you have ordered from before and know that they are reliable, then please send me the link of their site so that I can post it up. If you're new to ordering fansubs, it would be a good idea to visit the different sites and check out their prices. Keep in mind the quality of their tapes (they will usually list the quality of each tape) versus their prices.


This is *the* fansub site. Virtually every Sailormoon fansub tape that you see comes from VKLL. Unfortunately, they have taken S and SuperS fansubs down due to the fact that Optimun will be dubbing those seasons. *Grr* You can read more about VKLL's situation and Optimun dubbing S and SuperS HERE. VKLL still has Sailorstars up though, and it has many other subbed anime shows. I HIGHLY recommend you at least look at this page.

Glass Rose
This is a distributor site. Glass Rose not only distributes Sailormoon fansubs, but it has many other anime shows as well. Here's a statement I would like to make about Glass Rose... I love it! Why is this? This is because, even though VKLL has stopped selling fansubs of S and SuperS and has asked distributors to stop selling them as well, Glass Rose will still have S and SuperS. Glass Rose is also a very well known and reliable company, so you can still watch S and SuperS without being polluted by Optimun. (Codename: DiC) How can you not love Glass Rose?

Shards of Light
I love Ruka-chan's site as well, for the same reason that I love Glass Rose... she will not be taking down the fansubs of S and SuperS as well. I have also heard quite a bit about Shards of Light, and it is reliable. Besides Sailormoon, she also has fansubs of other anime, and is constantly updating. A great distributor!

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