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Well, here they are! The listing of related links isn't that large right now, but just be patient and I'm sure that it will grow as I add new sites and find buttons from them. There will also be a link section for those people who helped me with the HELP NEEDED section. If you have an anti-DIC page or a page which can help dubbies become more aware about the truth of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, then email it to me.

Anti-DIC Links

DIRE - DIC Is Really Evil
This is a great club site where you can join and become a member. It has surveys, message boards, and lots more! I suggest it if you're truly a serious anti-DIC person.

Sailor Senshi Team
A very large team of people against the dub. Join now and support the page!

Sailormoon Reflections
Theresa's great Sailormoon page, with her Anti-Dub opinions packed into it. It's well thought out, and her "letter from DIC" is very funny. Check this girl's page out!

The Late Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Opinions
Sadly, this page has shut down, but all of it's articles still exist. This is a *must* see for anyone who can't stand DIC. It's a beautiful page with great opinions. PSO (abbreviation for this page) is also my idol, and I hope to become as popular as it one day. Get ready for some non-censored opinions with POS! (The forum is the only active part of it right now)

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