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Can we collect all the puzzle pieces?

Last updated June 6, 2000. The "Members List" updated again! I also Added fourteen more members into the puzzle. If you signed up and I'm missing you, please email me about it ASAP!

Three Lights...Non-dubbed and proud of it!

NOTE: No, this is NOT a Three Lights club. I just like that pic above. It's an Anti-DIC Sailormoon club.

1) Join what club?

Another one of those Anti-DIC club of course! You know, the ones where you add your name, email address, and homepage to a list of DIC hater. This isn't REALLY a club (meaning you don't need membership badges to go to certain places, etc.) but it's basically also a place to show that you hate the DIC dub of Sailormoon!

2) I got that what's with the puzzle pieces?

Well, many of those lists where you add your name to them show how many Anti-DIC people there are using NUMBERS. (Eg: The DIRE club currently has 301 members (wow!) and that is shown by assigning everyone a "membership number"...all the way to the 301st member!)

3) That's nice, but it still didn't answer my question

Well, I wasn't finished yet! O_o I however want to try something different and see if there are enough Anti-DIC Sailormoon people out there by giving "members" a piece of a puzzle that I made. As each puzzle piece is assigned, I will add it to the puzzle and see if the puzzle can be completed!

4) So? What's so special about this puzzle piece we get?

You get to have your name "signed" on the puzzle piece that is assigned to you. (Eg: My puzzle piece is here and if you click on the link, you can see that my name is ON the puzzle piece. You get to choose how you want your name to appear and if you want it in a specific font or not. Then, the SIGNED puzzle piece is added to the puzzle, so that IF it is completed, it will be a puzzle with the signatures of Anti-dubbed Sailormoon people on it!

5) Other clubs get a link to their email or we get one too?

Yes, you do. Your puzzle piece on the puzzle will either be linked to your email or your homepage. (or neither if you don't want it to be) I will also be compiling a list of names, email addresses, and homepages of all the puzzle piece holders on a seperate page for you to look at.

6) Wait! All our emails will be up? What about SPAM?

Don't worry about SPAM. Once there are enough pieces of the puzzle I will add one with a link to a special email address, so that if anyone gets spammed (along with chain lettered) I will also receive one in my special email address and know that it came from the puzzle page. Then..whoever spammed all of the members will hear from me.... :P

7) Okay, I've heard enough. Where do I join?

Check out the links below. One of them will say JOIN, and that's where you click! Have fun!

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