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Responses to Sailormoon S and SuperS Being Dubbed

Response #1: Oh great. Just great. As if they didn't ruin the first seasons already! I, as some of you may have been, was actually hoping they wouldn't dub S and Super S altogether. Others, including me as well, were also hoping that if it was dubbed, it would be dubbed by Pioneer. But nooo, no no no, that just couldn't happen, could it? It had to be a company who joyfully participated in the mutiation of the first seasons, didn't it? I makes me shudder to think of what they will do to all the new people who appear in it...I predict stupid voices and changing the script to make them act dumb, and I am afraid of what they're going to do about Haruka and Michiru, Hotaru, and Setsuna. I can see it now: "Nerissa and John" (who has been changed into a boy, explaining Haruka's chest as some deformity). Jeez. They'll probab;y give Setsuna and Hotaru stupid names and voices...I can only hope that Hotaru doesn't end up with a Rini voice! Oh, and the Animates and Galaxia...I leave with this: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Hahaha! Haruka's chest as some deformity? ^_^ Yes, indeed...just what -will- Optimum do with Haruka and Michiru? Don't forget about them changing Hotaru from Messiah of Silence to "Bringer of the evil enemy". Afterall, we can't have kids watching a little child being the bringer of death, can we? Oh least that's what DiC & Optimum would think! Thankyou, Gentry-chan!
- Clere

Response #2: Dear Optimum Productions, How dare you even think about dubbing the rest of this wonderful series after *destroying* the first to series? No one I know wants you guys to dub the rest. Everyone I talked to wished Pioneer Animation would dub it so we could at least have a *decent* dub, not to mention a subtitled version for those of us that want to hear the original acting. Sailor Mini Moon? Is it really that difficult to say "chibi"? And why change everyone's names? Tsukino Usagi - Rabbit of the Moon; by changing her name to Serena, the cute joke about her hair and the Japanese legend is lost. What was the point of changing Ami to Amy and Rei to Raye? Why couldn't you leave their beautiful names alone? Why did you change Rei's personality so much? Raye was so cruel to Serena, but Rei was Usagi's best friend who looked out for her and scolded her to help her learn from her mistakes. Why change Zoisite's gender? So he's man in love with another man (Kunzite who also received a name change, why?). Is it so wrong to be homosexual? What about Haruka and Michiru? I think their relationship is one of the most beautiful in Sailormoon, and I heard you were going to make them *sisters*? So many lines that would be changed, the cute flirting they do with other people to make the other one jealous, translation lost once more. Why change Princess Serenity to Princess Serena and Prince Endymion to Prince Darien? The original names were puns themselves, Selene the goddess of the moon was in love with Endymion, a man from earth, and changing the prince and princesses names to the ones they received when they were reincarnated takes away the mystery. Why change so much when it was so wonderful in its original animated form? What about the controversial things like the entire S series, the Amazon Trio, and Amazoness Quartet? The religous references? Dark Messiah? Holy Grail? What are you planning to do with those? Censor them out? If you pulled something like that, there would be no S season to dub! And what about dear Fishey of the Amazon Trio? He's gay, you know. Make him a girl? He takes off his shirt in a few episodes, not going to work unless you cut out the episode, is it? Speaking of cutting out episodes, why cut the episode about Sailor V? I heard you said it was an uneccesary episode that didn't help the plot of the series. The way you translated it, what plot? Besides that, you cut out a very important episode that could have helped build Sailorvenus's character! Maybe you feel I am the only one that doesn't want you to dub this series, but I'm going to give you some site URLs with the opinions of people that feel the same way as me. *Please* visit these sites and read the opinions, especially those on the first site I've listed run by Clere. Her page is all about the hacked and slashed dub.

Please, sell the rights to the show to someone who can do a good job dubbing and subbing this beautiful series like Pioneer or U.S. Manga Corps. And if you still don't think our opinions are enough to convince you to do what's right for this series, at least hire some good actors. There are more talented ameture actors working on fan dubs of this series than the ones that were hired for the dubbed Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R.

I forgot to add something in it though, I noticed on their website they had "The Best in Every Language". The dub of SM was hardly what I would call "The Best".

O_O Wow, Navi! Long's great! ('s better than great!) Let's just hope that Optimum decides to listen to it. *Looks at the list of URLs that you provided* Hmm..there are some on there which I haven't even heard of yet. I think I'll check those sites out and we can wallow in our misery together. *grin* Thanks for letting me post your letter to Optimum up on this site!
- Clere

Response #3: When i heard that sailormoon S and SuperS was being dubbed my reaction was "!!!"Just great, we're going to have DIC hack up even more sailormoon episodes and confuse even more people. I dread to think what will happen to haruka and michuru(they'll probably say that either haruka and michuru are sisters or worse...they'll say they're friends). They'll make fish-eye a girl...turn hotaru into a squeaky voiced n'sync loving bimbo...give the deathbusters and deadmoon circus names like the "nega-moon circus" and the "nega-busters"...and when they get to sailorstars(shudders) they'll most likely completely cut out the last two episodes of sailorstars or not show that season all together (wouldn't wanna "traumatize" any 2 year olds would we *sarcasm*). If they do show sailorstars, they'll probably try to make a very futile attempt to hide the fact the sailorstarlights change genders when they transform(and do god knows what else to ruin the rest of that season). I cannot believe DIC is dubbing the rest of the series..this is the worst news i have ever heard....all they're doing is giving sailormoon a very slow slow death. I would've been okay if the rest of the series had been subtitled by pioneer or a other anime company..but nooooooooo...couldn't have that could we? We had to have the same stupid horrible dubbing job done on it again didn't we?(sighs) I very much pity the people who don't have online access and only have the dubbed version of sailormoon....all they will get to see is a horribly mutilated show. I thought that the rest of sailormoon was never going to be dubbed....i was wrong....i was so horribly wrong. Fortunately, all is not lost, i have still found some fansub distros that are offering the S and SuperS seasons despite the fact VKLL is no longer making tapes of those episodes. I will not let DIC win....i'm not going to watch the dubbed episodes no matter what..i refuse to see haruka and michuru turned into "just friends" and fisheye made into a girl. This is what i have to say about S and SuperS being dubbed. sincerely,

WOW! O_O Thankyou Sailorsaturn02, for your great letter! (How long did it take you to write that? I like it!) It's sad how they're going to be dubbing the outer senshi, because this means that something horrible will happen to them. Haruka a male? Neptune a ditz? HOTARU A DITZ? (*Mind boggling*) Hopefully, they'll never get up to would cause too much conflict. (What with the Three Lights turning into female Starlights and all...) ^_^
- Clere

Response #4: Gosh!I hate the way that DIC dubs. They totally cut everything out!!!I have been waiting a long time for a company to dub sailor moon s and super s. I just didnt want DIC to dub it. Only God knows what they will do with Haruka and Michiru. As i've read on other websites that Haruka and Michiru were more than just friends(which they are). It would be terrible for them to Screw that relationship up!!!!! And Hotaru,I really like Hotaru's character,and I would get mad if they messed her character up!! i also want to say that if you created sailor moon would you want someone messing up your work not leting people see the real way your work is supposed to be. Well I also thought pioneer company was gonna dub it but i guess there not. I would actually probably rather go to Japan and watch sailor moon than watch the way DIC srews up sailor moon. I think we would all be better off if DIC or Optimum wouldn't DUB sailor moon. Well thats the way i feel. Please post my message up.
Katie chan

Response #5: Here is what I have to say about the upcoming DiC dub of Sailormoon Super. It's really suprising that they chose to dub it, even SOS was shocked! I think it will be completely destroyed. What are they going to do when they get to the introduction of Hotaru Tomoe? What are they going to do to the witches 5? I know they won't show Eudial plunging to her death in her car. Most of all, the beautiful song Tuxedo Mirage is much a part of Sailormoon Super. What would DiC burn our ears with in it's place? I shudder to think. I'm suprised they did not choose to make Haruka a boy, they'll just be really good freinds instead of two in love. What's wrong with showing a gay relationship in an anime when they have it in shows like Ellen and Ally Mcbeal and it's not even portrayed the same way. They act like Haruka and Michiru are going to be shown kissing or something! I almost hurled when I heard the voices for the outer senshi. DiC is going to destroy this anime further. I'm anxoius to see how they screw with it.
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