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~*Sailormoon S Dubbed Reports*~

Well, it's finally happened. Sailormoon S has been dubbed and is currently being featured on Cartoon Network in the U.S. Here are some reports on how the dub is coming along from visitors of AWARENESS: Are you aware?

Just what did they do to me this time?

Report #1: Nihao!!! Well, the first ep. ended about 20 mins. ago, and I'm shocked!! Everything was dubbed correctly (to my knowledge) except for when Luna and Artemis call the monster a bitch, as I have heard. They even kept the Japanese transformation music!! And best of all.....NO SAILOR SAYS!!!! ::leaps around the room:: Serena, Mina, and Amy have different voice actresses. Serena sounds even more like a valley girl! That's my only complaint. Kaolonite and Professor Tomoe's names have been left unharmed...we'll have to wait and see how the rest turn out...
Princess Shampoo-chan

Report #2: Hi Clere,

I just watched the new Sailormoon dubbed episodes and here is what I have to report so far ..

They've somewhat reverted back to the original music score, which I like very much, except they don't keep Tuxedo Mirage at the end. -_-; They use the original ending sequence but it looks like they sped it up a bit. Talisman to "An object of Pure Power" the voices for Uranus and Neptune stink.

Just a little report ^_^
Usagi Schwarzenegger

Report #3: VOICES - 6 words: Sailor Neptune sounds like a man. And Uranus sounds too feminine, if they switched the voices, it would be much more acceptable. Guess who's doing the voice for Kaolinite? The same fucking one who did the voice for "Zoycite" and "Emerald". And she calls Prof. Tomoe "Tomo". And he calls her "Keiori". Luna is still an old British hag, Artemis is the same, that new "Raye" is the same, so is "Lita". "Mina" is new, not half bad, but still sucky. "Amy" is new and sounds too squeaky, but there is still a hint of British in her. "Darien" is the same from the last 17 episodes, like "Raye". And "Serena", oh GOD "Serena", words cannot describe how TERRIBLE she is!!! She sounds like she is in a constant earthquake or something! Her voice is shaky and still too old! You are LUCKY TO GOD that you don't have to hear it! Trust me.

SCRIPT - Much better than before, however there is still "westernizing" and some add-libbing. They already snuck in "as if". I think the Daimon's name was unchanged, but when P. "Tomo" was creating the egg, he already mentioned its name as if he knew what it would become, which is wrong because they don't know what monster it will be yet. He never mentioned the Holy Grail or Talismans, just called it great power or forces or anything else to cover up. They still edit "Make Up!", and they s-t-r-e-t-c-h out what's left of the phrase.They actually translated Mamo-chan's "Ja ne" to "See ya" (good), and "Serena" actually asked "Raye" if she had any pains or breathing problems (which is what Usagi asked Rei in the VKLL sub). No mention of "scouts", but no mention of soldiers, only "sailors" so far. No one narrates the title of the episode, which is shortened and "dumbed down", and they put Sailor Moon henshin #2 in the background with the Western Logo.

CENSORSHIP - None that I saw, I only have Vol. 1 of S, so after the first 4 episodes, I'm afraid it will all be my educated opinion. They have a new version of that stupid tiara when a new scene comes, and NOW the have these four stupid multi-colored crescent moons twirl in and when they twirl out, it's the new scene. I think they had a stars one, too. Whenever they Daimon would open her kimono to reveal the black star, it would be cut short, even though "Keiori" has major cleavage, and they didn't censor or edit that.

ENDING CREDITS - Because it's on Toonami, there is no opening theme, but the ending theme does show a shortened version of "Tuxedo Mirage", but plays an instrumental version of that crappy "She is the one named Sailor Moon". And there is some new company called CNI or CPI or something, anyway, what got my attention was the fact that it said "Representing the best in Japanese animation" ::vomits:: I think they used the original one-time commercial break instead of splitting it into two.

ONE GOOD POINT - They kept all of the original music. :)

Well, that's all I can think of for now. I hope I can give you a report on each one. I hope I get my fansubs, soon, so I won't be confused with this fucked up version. Please excuse my language. ^-^()

Ja ne and Pretty Soldier Sailormoon FOREVER!!!!!!

Shawna Miranda Neko-chan >^..^<

Report #4: Well I say the first Episode! I hope none of you missed it. There was a few things I was shocked about.
1.) They used the Jap. Music! I was so shocked because they have never used it before, even in the movies!
2.) The voices were aweful! They were really bad!
3.) They used the Jap ending, but it was cut in half and they changed the ending song.
4.) They didn't mention the Scared Cup. I think they are going to change the name of that. They also didn't mention the Talismons. They said they were special powers.
How do I know all the changes? I have the Episodes in Jap.
More to come later!

Report #5: The dub was not done by DiC it was done by Cwi. And they kept the original music. Well I'll write the pors and cons so far

original music
original monster names
mina has a new voice acter which is better than the old
not dubbed by DiC
less cuts the only cut I noticed was when luna and artimes cus at the monster
less injustice

Serena's voice actor sounds like mickey mouse on crack
Amy voice actor isn't as bad but sucks
I'm a little unsure what they're calling the tailsmen. They said tailsmen charms or something
Did I mention Serena's voice actor
Daimons are called Heart attackers or something
Serena's Voice actor
Neptune sounds more manly then Uranus but we only saw the for a couple of secounds.
Serena's Voice Actor

Subtract the voice actors and you get something twenty times better than dic. They're are only minor cuts. I think it is getting a tad bit better.

Report #6: Personally, there a HUGE improvment. First off, you'll have to get rid of that page about how they warped the characters; Venus, "like, totally" isn't a ditz anymore, Moon doesn't have the annoying pitch-changing voice, Jupiter doesn't sound like a man, Mars doesn't seem to be SM's Enemy anymore [Serena: I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND! (In an argument)], and i haven't seen Mercury being a study-freak.. yet. They changed most of the names back, Jupiter used "Sparkling Wide Pressure" which used to be named something else, and they didn't change the name of the Moon Spiral Heart attack. You like? ^_~

Thanks for the report, and I'm glad that it seems to be better than the first two seasons. However, I will not be taking any of my rants down and I will instead say that they refer to the first two seasons. ^-^

Thanks to and Neko-chan (who directed me towards the URL), I have the link of a wav which features Neptune and Uranus' voices.
Click here to hear their scary voices

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