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Title: Letters From DIC
Author: Clere Crystal
Author Webpage: Awareness: Are you aware?
Stats: Humerous, how DIC would translate Sailormoon S, SuperS, and Sailorstars!
Pro for anti-DIC People: Enjoy reading funny "would-be" letters from DIC and notice that everything you hate about DIC is exaggerated and turned humerous in the letters
Pro for DIC dubbies: Umm...if you're not a totally loyal dubbie -- you'll get a good laugh out of it too!
Con for anti-DIC People: DIC might take this seriously... (haha!)
Con for DIC dubbies: Will confuse you more than ever about what's true and what's not in the three undubbed Sailormoon series

Ever wonder what would happen if DIC decided to translate (or as I would call it, TWIST UP) the last three Sailormoon series? These are letters from DIC themselves telling you all about what their plans are for this! (Please be aware that these are not real and are figments of my imagination) People never thought that DIC would be able to solve the relationship problem between Haruka and Michiru, but they have! How? Well, I'm not going to tell you that, you'll just have to read the DIC letters for themselves. These letters are good for a laugh, so go ahead and read them!

Letters From DIC: Sailormoon S
Letters From DIC: Sailormoon SuperS
Letters From DIC: Sailormoon Sailorstars

Here's my story. I was just sitting home one day looking at the messages on the D.I.R.E. message board about people wondering what would happen if DIC dubbed the rest of Sailormoon. Instantly, I decided that I would write letters from DIC on what they would most likely do. (Well, they're a bit exaggerated, but think about how far DIC has stretched the truth of Sailormoon!)

These letters were actually written a long time ago. A few days after deciding to post them on the fanfic page in AWARENESS: Are you aware? I received a letter from someone saying that I had plagerized some "Letter From DIC" she had seen on a webpage. I just want to make it clear that I did not steal any ideas from anyone when writing this DIC letter. On reading the letter I had been accused of plagerizing, I saw that a few things were similar (like Haruka being changed to a boy) but most of them were very far apart from another. It just goes to show that great minds think alike! (Haha! No, I'm not a vain peacock though, it just sounded nice!)

One last thing. If you decide to take these letters for real and begin mass emailing DIC and setting up petitions for it NOT to translate Sailormoon this way, then I suggest that you push the little red button next to you and stay put. Three men in white coats should appear shortly and pick you up for some...treatment. Hope you have a great time reading these letters!

I am in no way representing DIC. Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI animation, and Kodansha. The NA Sailormoon version is the property of DIC and Mixxzone. Remember to push the red putton next to you if you feel yourself starting to believe the Letter From DIC.