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Featuring a letter from DIC...
The Dubbing of Sailormoon Sailorstars

Dear members of D.I.R.E., Anti Dub Confederation, and other such organizations who don't really know us but are making things up about us,

Well, we've finally finished planning the LAST season of Sailormoon, and it is so close to the original, you won't even know the difference. Only a few minor changes have been made, but nothing to separate it even a little bit from the original. All we did was correct the taboo about the male Three Lights changing into the female Sailor Starlights. You see, Corin and his sister, Sailor Uranus, come from the same galaxy where the Starlights come from. There, everyone has a twin of her/himself. So the Three Lights all have scout twin sisters of themselves. They will shout out the transformation words on behalf of their twin sisters, and then the sisters will fly out of the heavens and fight the battle while their brother sit in the stands and root for them, just as Corin will be rooting for his sister, Sailor Uranus. We told you we could handle everything perfectly!

There are only a few changes made in the first part of Sailorstars. Since the golden mirror piece which infect Mamoru makes him look like he is on drugs, and we don't want to send out any messages to our viewers in case they start taking drugs, Mamoru will not be included in Neherenia's second invasion. We will say that he traveled back in time and went to visit his mom and dad just like Corin and Uranus had did before, thus promoting even further the fact that there's no place like home. Sailormoon will of course heal Neherenia with no trouble at all since Mamoru won't be there to distract her, and everyone will have a fine dandy doo time.

Worried that the scene of the airplane scene where the plane Mamoru is in suddenly disappears in mid air will frighten our viewers of flying, we will be cutting that part out. Instead, we will say that Mamoru was sitting in his living room reading a book, when suddenly a void opened next to him and he was sucked in. Neherenia then locked him up in a secret store room of hers and he was only freed after Sailormoon convinces Neherenia to stop all this madness and be good. To explain Uranus and Neptune's return into Sailormoon from them leaving the last time, (read our S letter) it has been concluded that Corin and Uranus returned from seeing mom and dad, and that underwater sea choir all caught laryngitis, so Nerissa decided there are better things to do than lead a no-voice choir. Meanwhile, Celia finally became popular in the future, and she has traveled back in time to help Sailormoon since she now has enough friends to guard the time gate for her one everyday.

It is obvious that our viewers will not understand who Chibi-Chibi is and how Galaxia turned evil, so we will be changing the explanation of this JUST a TINY bit. Chibi-Chibi is now named Ri-Ri, and she is really the child of Rini and another guy who we do not know about. (No mention will be made to Ellios though. For information on why, read our Super S letter) In our story, Galaxia is the grown up self of Rini, who decided that her hairstyle would look better wavy and down. Galaxia did not turn evil because of Chaos, but because Ri-Ri had been captured away by a bunch of evil pilots. You see, Ri-Ri is the good side of Galaxia, and when she was captured, Galaxia turned evil. Kakyuu-hime is the evil pirate who captured Ri-Ri, but after she was exposed to so much purity and love, she decided to instead help Ri-Ri return to Galaxia. Galaxia meanwhile needs enough energy to capture the entire world, and to do this, she has to get starseeds. All people's energy are stored in their starseeds, but only certain ones glow forever as they have the most energy. Since the scouts are fighting all the time, of course they would be the one with the starseeds that glow the most since THEY have the most energy. See how easy this is to understand compared to the original Sailorstars?

We at DIC feel that the whole subject about Galaxia's bracelets keeping the villains--who will be called anti-scouts--alive without their starseed is very satanic indeed. If a character loses all of his/her energy (which you just read will now be held in their starseed) then he/she cannot live on. This would be considered "undead" and would offend and frighten our viewers. So we say that Galaxia has enslaved her anti-scouts by transferring their starseeds to their bracelets. (How else do they manage to blast people and remove starseeds with the bracelets? It's only because they have great energy stored in these bracelets as a result from the starseed in them that they can do this.) When Galaxia removes the bracelets of an anti-scout, she is basically taking away all of her energy, thus killing the anti-scout.

The entire scene where Neptune and Uranus try to kill Galaxia by "betraying the scouts" will be cut out. Even if they meant well, we don't want to have them turning on their allies since we all know that all the scouts are at peace and harmony with each other. None of the scouts will die since this would be much too violent. Instead, Galaxia will zap them and trap them in her dungeon where she will remove their starseeds LATER. The dungeon is also where Mamoru was stuck in when the void next to him in his living room sucked him in. Luckily, Sailormoon comes to the rescue. She returns Ri-Ri to Galaxia who then turns good, thus releasing the captured scouts. At the end, the Sailor Starlights and their twin brothers return to their galaxy with the good pirate, Kakyuu-hime. Tellulia returns to living in peace and bliss, Neptune goes back to teach the underwater choir since a new cure for their laryngitis just came out, and Uranus and her twin brother decided it was time for another visit to mom and dad's house.

Please note that we will not be including the scene where Sailormoon is flying through the skies unclothed. This is definitely NOT appropriate! She will simply return Ri-Ri to Galaxia, and then there will be a bright flash of light, and all the scouts and Mamoru will be free with the turned good Galaxia standing next to them.

We are very proud of ourselves for finally finishing the planning for all three seasons of Sailormoon, and we know that you will be pleased when they finally come out.

Yours Sincerely,


P.S. Here is a short, concise list of the transformations and attacks of Sailormoon and the Sailor Starlights. (Author Note: Sorry, I was getting a bit lazy and decided to just think up new attacks and transformations for Sailormoon and the Starlights. If you have any good attacks, transformations, etc. that you have renamed to be used in this DIC letter, Email them to me and I'll give you credit.)

Sailormoon Sailor Starfighter Sailor Starhealer Sailor Starmaker
Transformation Moon Forever Power! Fighter Star Power! Healer Star Power! Maker Star Power!
Attack Calls Moon Healing Kiss! Fighter Serious Throw Healer Sensitive Fire Maker Gentle Stomach
Objects Kissy Stick n/a (I am not counting henshin objects) n/a n/a

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