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Featuring a letter from DIC...
The Dubbing of Sailormoon SuperS

Dear members of D.I.R.E., Anti Dub Confederation, and other such organizations who don't really know us but are making things up about us,

We hope you are pleased with how much under control we are with the S series. In fact, to show you we can handle this situation, this is our plan for the Super S series.

First, we are proud to announce that we have figured out a solution for where Uranus and Neptune went, as you certainly know that we are trying to promote peace among all the scouts, and so Uranus and Neptune cannot go around beating up their loving leader, Sailormoon. We have decided to cut this episode out, since also in that episode, Corin wears clothing which would be considered crossdressing for him. (**Note: If confused, read DIC's Sailormoon S letter**) It is much too feminine. Instead, we have proposed that Nerissa joined the sea nymphs and is currently conducting a sea choir under the water, while Corin and his sister Uranus are reuniting with mom and dad. That way, it will encourage our viewers to let out their feelings by singing and that there's no place like home.

Now, onto Super S. Since the Amazon Trio seems to promote crossdressing and homosexuality, we have proposed a solution for this. There will only be "bust-up" shots of the Amazon Trio so that we do not see Hawk Eye's heels and therefor he will look like a normal male villain. Fish Eye will be changed to a female. Since you can see by Fish Eye's outfit that he is obviously not female (eg: the open chest part) we will only show neck up and back view screen shots of Fish Eye. That way, we can ensure our viewer's safety against relationships they should not know about. Since the dream mirror removing tactic of the Amazon Trio portrays what is very close to rape and other perverted acts, there will be no dream mirrors but instead the Amazon Trio will tap into their victim's mind telepathically to see if Pegasus is hiding there.

We also find the relationship between Rini and Pegasus inappropriate as first of all she is a little kid and he is a horse. Therefor, they will only be friends, and nothing more. Pegasus will not be able to appear in Rini's room, only in her dreams. As Ellios, he is too old for Rini, and so we will be cutting out any scene which shows intimacy, including kissing, hugging, etc. Since calling him Pegasus is infringing on numerous Greek mythology copyrights, he will simply be called "Horsey".

The Amazoness Quartet's way of retrieving dream mirrors is not deemed appropriate by us at DIC either, as this will just encourage our audience to start grabbing pool balls and shooting them at the back of their friends' heads. Instead, they will use the same method our Amazon Trio will be using to see if Pegasus is hiding in people's dreams. (Telepathy) Further more, we could not have been more apalled by any other villain's costume than the Amazoness Quartet's. Their costumes are scandulous! Too much bust and leg is shown! Luckily, DIC has the right to edit the costumes of them, and we will be doing just that. You will be glad to know that their new costumes will consist of a long robe in their respective color, a thick turtle-neck shirt to replace the skimpy chest revealing clothes, and straight leg jeans.

Since Zirconia looks too much like the old Jedi out of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and would be infringing on their copyrights, we have bought the right to change her face. It will no longer be scary, but she will be a happy smiling face, aimed to cheer up all of our viewers. Posters will be sold of the new Zirconia in every store! Stuffed animals will come out. She will be the hottest selling thing since Pikachu!

The story about Neherenia's past will be cut out. We do not want her story to influence any children into becoming so vain about themselves that they would steal dream mirrors to stay young and beautiful. Besides, we already cut out the fact that people have dream mirrors, so it would just confuse people.

Yes, we at DIC are very proud of our great planning and proud that we can show you how much we have accomplished and how close to the original story we are making our Super S version! So why don't you just erase that anti-site about us and make a shrine to us instead?

Yours Sincerely,


P.S. Here is a short, concise list of the new transformations, powers, and objects the outer scouts and Sailormoon will have.

Sailormoon/Chibi-Moon Sailor Venus Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars Sailor Jupiter
Transformation Moon Super Power!
Venus Star Power!
Venus Crystal Power!
Mercury Star Power!
Mercury Crystal Power
Mars Star Power!
Mars Crystal Power!
Jupiter Star Power!
Jupiter Crystal Power!
Attacks Call Jingle Bells!
Moon Split Screen Attack!
Venus Heart Kiss
(formerly Venus Love and Beauty Shock)
Mercury Harp Music
(formarly Mercury Aqua Mirage)
Mars Fire Arrow
(formarly Mars Flame Sniper)
Jupiter Leaves Fly
(formerly Jupiter Oak Evolution)
Objects Horsey's Bell
Moon Split Screen Stick
n/a n/a n/a n/a
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