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Read the simple rules and then get your puzzle piece!

Page updated February 30, 2000

WAH! DIC entirely messed me (Usagi) up!
Join this it for me?!

Hooray! You made it to the join page! Now, all you have to do is agree with a few rules (and they're not hard if you are against the dubbed Sailormoon enough to join this club!) and you can join!

1) Ultimate Rule - You have to hate the dub! (Well, at least DISLIKE it!) If you think that DIC did an awful job (or a pretty bad job) dubbing Sailormoon then you're fine, but if you think that DIC did a beautiful job on it...I don't know why you're even here!

2) You have to had at LEAST seen three Japanese episodes of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. (Why three? Because I'm sure three is enough to convince people what a bad job DIC did at the dubbing) Fansubs fit into the Japanese episodes category.

3) SCOUTS! That horrid word! Do not (I repeat, do NOT) use that word and try to stick to original terminology the best you can. (Example: You don't say Serena and Darien, you say Usagi and Mamoru) A few slips here and there are okay, especially if you've only seen a few Japanese episodes but you hate DIC. Just try to learn the Japanese terminology (I will make a page about that on my AWARENESS: Are you aware? page soon) and NEVER use the word scouts! They're senshi/soldiers, not door to door cookie sellers.

4) No praising DIC in ANY way!

Enough with that! Let me join already!

All right, all right. Just fill in the form and you should get an email and be assigned a puzzle piece within a week. (If it's more than a week then resend your application. I promise I won't be angry. PROMISE!)

NOTE: Once you submit the form, you will be taken back to the AWARENESS: Are you aware? main page. If you want to go back to the "Join the Club" main page, just use your back button.

Your Name (Doesn't have to be real)

Homepage Address (if you have one)

Homepage Title (if you have one)

Email Address (Make sure it works)

How did you find out about this club?

What name (or initials) do you want on your puzzle piece?
What font do you want it to be in? (Or you can let me choose. I have lots of pretty fonts)
Do you want your puzzle piece to link to your email address, homepage address, or neither?
Any other comments -- such as what you think of this club, suggestions, etc.

As usual, all design, ideas, etc. are owned by Clere Crystal and may not be taken for use on webpages without her permission. The Usagi pic and 4 generals background on this page was edited by Clere Crystal also. Sailormoon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI, and Kodansha.