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My Opinions on Sailormoon Seasons - Short Version

Written: January 18, 2000
Added: January 19, 2000

This is the short, edited version of my Sailormoon Seasons opinions. A link to the longer, unedited version is provided below. (The seasons appear in order from my most favorite to least favorite)
Longer, Unedited Version

Sailormoon Sailorstars

My favorite season. The plot was great (senshi wars) and I loved the transformation and attack sequences for Eternal Sailormoon. The villains were very cute and definitely had lots of personality, and the Starlights were there! My favorite senshi group! Besides, how often is it that we get to meet a powerful senshi like Sailor Galaxia?

Sailormoon Super S

The villains in this episode were my absolutely favorite ones! The Amazon Trio had great personalities and were hilarious (and you even get to like their choice of clothes after awhile) and the Amazoness Quartet were so cute and funny! I also liked Ellios, and Chibi-Usa isn't that bad once you get used to an overload of pink hair! ;)

Sailormoon S

This had the most thoughtful and in depth plot apart from Sailorstars (which equaled Sailormoon S in plot) and it's the episode where all of the outer senshi appear. (Even Sailor Saturn got a bit of screen time!) I also think that in this episode Sailormoon had THE BEST transformation and attack sequences. (Yes, even better than Eternal Sailormoon's transformation in Sailorstars!) The villains were the best too, including Mistress 9.

Sailormoon R: Part Two

Even though my favorite villain, (The Amazon Trio was my favorite villain GROUP) Safiiru, is in this season, it didn't seem as well developed as the later ones. The story about Chibi-Usa being Usagi and Mamoru's kid was good though, and the plot was different from just those, "Oh, we have to find the right pure heart, or the right dream mirror, or the right star seed."


When compared to the later episodes, the plot of the first season seems old to me. The same old energy stealing plot…and the villains were not my favorite. (I like Zoycite (or Zoisite) and Kunzite though!) All Queen Beryl did was wave her hands around a crystal ball and then switch waving directions every so often. Still, I have to admit that without this first series which introduced the characters to us, none of the later episodes would ever have been as successful as they are. Thankyou for the first season!

Sailormoon R: Part One

(NOTE: This is exactly the same comment as the one in the long, unedited version.)
Don't get me wrong here. It wasn't the villains that I didn't like - in fact, I thought that Ail was very cute both as a human and as his true form! (If you haven't figured out by now, I am a girl, so I can say things like that.) Hmm…now why does he look so much like Fiore from the R movie? (wonder wonder wonder) My main reason for the first part of Sailormoon R season being way down here on the list is that it was just a filler so that Naoko Takeuchi could catch up with the anime. There was no real plot, just some energy stealing aliens coming to Earth with their energy sucking tree, falling in love with Usagi and Mamoru, and then leaving. Thank goodness the manga caught up and the anime returned back to it's great Sailormoon stories!

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Long, Unedited Version of this Rant
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