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My Opinions on Sailormoon Seasons

Written: January 18, 2000
Added: February 5, 2000

Yes, yes. You all probably know that I have a tendency to write out nice wonderful long rants which eventually bore people to sleep. So, I have made two sections of this topic. The original, unedited version is on this page. The shortened version is here but it does not contain as much good information as on this page. So choose one, or both if you feel like it. Thankyou, and YES, I AM working on making shorter rants from now on! Enjoy!
(The order the seasons appear in is the order I like them as from favorite to least favorite)
Shortened Version

Sailormoon Sailorstars

My number one favorite season! Why is this? Well, I think that the plot here is excellent, especially with the part about the senshi wars. How often is it that we get to meet senshi from different galaxies and even the most powerful senshi, Sailor Galaxia? Eternal Sailormoon has a whole range of new transformations with beautiful music©Ând I just adore her wings. (I have this thing with beautiful wings and I love anything with them. Angels, Pegasus, Faeries, you name it!) However, the thing I love most about Sailorstars is...can you guess? I'll tell you anways. STARLIGHTS! The Sailor Starlights are my favorite senshis. For one thing, they give a nice touch to the story. The girls have been hogging the show too long, and even though the Starlights are female, they are also male in their Three Lights form. (No, I have nothing against girls. I am one afterall!) The Three Lights add a sensation of pop to the show, and they look so nice too! Seiya and his romantic charm (he's my favorite), Yaten with his sarcastic side, and Taiki, who is even smarter than Ami! (Whoah, that's a first!) Besides, you have to admit that they have a pretty generous wardrobe too. Seiya has over ten sets of clothes for half the season of Sailorstars, while Mamoru gets Sailormoon original, R, S, Super S, and part of Sailorstars, to flash his black shirt and moth bitten green jacket! The villains also rule and are given a lot of personality...they're senshi too! (And senshi rule)

Sailormoon Super S

A big question I have been asked by my friends is why I like Super S more than S. Sailorstars is understandable since all the outer senshi return and the Starlights arrive, but why Super S next? It has none of the outer senshi that S has, and it has a stupid plot! (Please note I am not saying this, but my friends are) Well, I don't agree with them at all! Sure, I was a bit disappointed that the outer senshi left, and also the fact that Chibi-Usa was the main character. (But if you are a dubbie, please be aware that DIC has done a great injustice to the pink haired girl and made her a bigger brat than she is) My main reason for liking Super S are the villains. Sailormoon's attack didn't impress me much (the screen splits in half, then a lot of colors are seen...I can do that in Power Point) and I have to admit that her transformations weren't as beautifully drawn as the others, but the villains! They were the best! The Amazon Trio were absolutely stunning, even if they dress like women. I loved their costumes and their personalities. Fish Eye was so cute and funny, while Tiger Eye's personality really made me like him. Hawk Eye had hair which would make hair gel companies chase after him for his secret, but he had a nice personality too. (Ignore the high heels, people) then came the Amazoness Quartet. Aren't they so cute? There is no comparing the Dead Moon Circus to any other villain group out there, well, in my opinion anyways. (No, not even to the Deathbusters) One last's the season where the senshi get their super transformations and new attacks! (and I love those new attacks, especially Jupiter Oak Evolution)

Sailormoon S

I just noticed something...I seem to like the episodes in backwards order! (Like from the last season down to the first season) I enjoy Sailormoon S because of it's great story plot and the fact that all of the outer senshi are in it. (Though Sailor Saturn is only shown in one episode) It also had one of the best transformation and attack sequences for Sailormoon--I already mentioned that I love beautiful wings, and the butterfly wings for Sailormoon's Super transformation are the best! (I like them more than her angel wings actually) Sailormoon's Rainbow Moon Spiral Heart Ache was so beautiful, and I absolutely love the background music for her transformation. (Da da da da, da da da da. Da da da da da da da sailormoon!) Hotaru's role in this season also contributed a lot to the plot, and the story actually progressed more than others during the "filler episodes". (These are episodes where the Monster of the Day shows up, gets defeated by Sailormoon, but nothing else happens. They are just to make the Sailormoon season longer, because without them, Sailormoon S would probably be a fifteen episode season) Even in filler episodes, you learn more about the sacred cup (or Holy Grail, though direct translation of the characters when read is sacred cup) and about the messiah of silence. I especially enjoyed how the plot moved greatly once Sailormoon received her super transformation, because that is when you finally meet Hotaru and a really great group of villains...the Witches 5! (Not to mention that Mistress 9 is also in this series, and she is a very powerful villain. Not as powerful as Galaxia but probably more powerful than the entire black kingdom, black moon family, AND dead moon circus put together.

Sailormoon R: Part Two

This episode contains my most favorite villain in all of the Sailormoon why, you ask, (I assume you ask at least) is it all the way down here on the list? I'm not sure actually, there's just something about it which doesn't make me feel as strongly about it as S, Super S, and Sailorstars. Maybe it's the fact that it's been dubbed by DIC, and while the Japanese version was the first version I saw for Sailormoon and Sailormoon R, the DIC has brought my thoughts of these two series DOWN. (down down down down) Hmm...if only I could erash all memory of the dubbed R, then you would probably see this season after Super S but before S. Any ways, the plot is good and DIFFERENT. There are still monster of the days, but it's just not the same old, "Oh, this is the wrong pure heart, dream mirror, star seed, etc." Instead, the part with the sisters is about spreading dark energy all over Tokyo, and then the part with the rest of the Black Moon Family advances more on the plot and less on monster of the day. (Except with Esmeraude) I liked how this season really cleared us all up on the entire moon kingdom and Silver Millennium business, and it even added more to the story like the fact that Usagi and Mamoru have Chibi-Usa.


When I first watched this season I thought that it was great. Then, I went on to watch R, S, Super S, and finally Sailorstars, and the first season of Sailormoon didn't seem so great after all. It spent more time introducing the characters than really working on the story like the later episodes did, and the energy schemes were actually quite sad. I also found the villains extremely boring. Zoysite (or Zoisite) and Kunzite were the best ones. They had great personalities and a sweet relationship. Nephrite was nice but there something about him that bugged me. (His hair?) I never developed an opinion towards Jadeite. (Wow, this is the ONLY villain I have no opinion about!) All Queen Beryl did was sit on a throne and wave her hands around a crystal ball. (Wave wave wave, isn't this fun? Oh look, I'm going to switch directions and wave to this side now. Wait, wait, wait! Now I'm switching again and I'm waving to this side! Oh look, the colors in my ball are swirling! Aren't they so pretty?) However, I have to admit that without the first season which introduced all the characters to us, the rest would be entirely confusing. So I have to give some credit to this season! (And I personally believe that the fight scene against Queen Metalia (Yes, DIC watchers. The "negaverse" (what the heck? NEGAVERSE?) did not make Queen Beryl stronger. Instead, Queen Metalia took over Beryl's body and it was her who fought Sailormoon) was a lot more impressive than the fight scene against Wiseman.


Don't get me wrong here. It wasn't the villains that I didn't like - in fact, I thought that Ail was very cute both as a human and as his true form! (If you haven't figured out by now, I am a girl, so I can say things like that.) why does he look so much like Fiore from the R movie? (wonder wonder wonder) My main reason for the first part of Sailormoon R season being way down here on the list is that it was just a filler so that Naoko Takeuchi could catch up with the anime. There was no real plot, just some energy stealing aliens coming to Earth with their energy sucking tree, falling in love with Usagi and Mamoru, and then leaving. Thank goodness the manga caught up and the anime returned back to it's great Sailormoon stories!

Hooray! You're finished! Feeling in the mood to read more of my opinions?

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