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Here is my little section to thank everyone that has helped me with fanfics, the HELP NEEDED page, who inspired me, etc.

FIRST, I want to thank everyone who has supported this page and who visits it and agrees with it. All you anti-DIC people out there have that special spot in my heart, and everyone who converted from DIC to loving the original are definitely worth honoring. Thank you so much everyone!

SECOND, I also want to make a special note to everyone who has made a webpage honoring the original Sailormoon or putting down the DIC version. It's people like you who make life worth living. THANKYOU!

Thankyou DIRE - DIC Is Really Evil for making that great page. Your club was the VERY first club related to Sailormoon that I ever joined, and it was because of you that I decided to start AWARENESS: Are you aware?! Your page is the best!

Thankyou Eri for lugging the Sailormoon tapes on the airplane from Japan to Hong Kong, and making the customs personnel think that you were smuggling some secret tapes.
(BTW: Don't you just love her email address? (it means pig-piggy) See Eri, I TOLD you people liked it!)

Thankyou Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Opinions (PSO) for your wonderful site. Sailorfirestar, the minute I stepped onto your webpage I knew I was in heaven. Unfortunately, I only discovered it after it closed down. Still, I love it. You are my idol, Sailorfirestar...PSO.

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