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Do you have any questions about this site and/or myself that others would also be interested about? If you do, don't feel shy and go ahead and send it to me! I'll post it up on this page along with my answer to it so that others can see also. However, BEFORE you send me your question please check to see that it hasn't already been answered! That way, it saves you time and also saves me time! Well, enough of my's the questions.
(Note: This is not a "Ask Sailormoon" section. I answer questions about my site and myself so that this site will not be misunderstood, NOT questions about what happens in Sailormoon, etc.)
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Hello webmistress of AWARENESS! I was wondering if you're going to put any fun and games stuff on soon, because I love your site but I would also like to play games or read funny stuff BESIDES fanfics, not that I don't like fanfics, but it'd be nice to also do other stuff as well! Are you planning to anytime soon? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
From: Ami-chan

Dear Ami-chan,
I'm glad that you enjoy my site because that's one of my goals. (In fact, the first one if you look on the main page) To answer your question, I am currently working on more interactive and fun things. You will notice that I have added onto the flames page a section where people can respond to the flames. Their responses will then be posted up on the flames page. I am also working on finding and making games, top ten lists, jokes, maybe a contest, etc. So don't worry, you should see some of those type of things soon! Thanks for asking!

Sorry to disturb you again but this is Ami-chan again! I have seen so many ask ami or ask rei or ask usagi pages out there. I was wondering if you were going to have anything like that?
From: Ami-chan

Hi again, Ami-chan!
I might put something like that up, but I'm not sure. There are enough of those things on the web to drive someone mad. Since this is an awareness page, I guess I could put one of those up for people who know a lot about the original but still want to know more, or for dubbies who need to know more. I'll think about it, but it's a good suggestion!