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SM Webpages - What Annoys Me

Written: January 18, 2000
Added: January 18, 2000

Now I'm not the most picky person in the world, but there is that thin line between acceptance of a poorly put together page and a page that just entirely aggravates me! There are over 500,000 Sailormoon webpages out there on the web, and only a small percentage of those actually make it to the links of practically everybody. A few of these include the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway, (unfortunately, this has been taken down because of the immature flames of some people who just want to ruin the life of a very hard working person) Hitoshi Doi's Page, the Amazoness Quartet's Worst of Sailormoon, and so on. Unfortunately, the majority of the Sailormoon pages on the web are all the same. The same boring stats, the same stolen pictures, and the same summaries which I could have sworn I had seen on another page with the exact same wording. Before, it seemed that people made webpages on Sailormoon because they enjoyed sharing their thoughts and opinions with others out there. Now, it seems that people are making them because Sailormoon is the "in" thing, and they want to look "cool". A webpage isn't difficult©Âll you have to do is steal a few character stats, pictures, summaries, and then slap it on a basic editor. However, these webpages have no thoughts put into them. Sure, they have one or two opinions, but then what? It's all the same!

Another thing which truly annoys me is when webpage makers mix the dubbed version, Mixx comic version, and the original Japanese version all together. And they haven't even seen the original Japanese yet! Some people think that it makes them look intelligent to know the Japanese version, even if they are pretending. If all you have seen is the dubbed version, then keep your page that way. (And maybe get a hold of a few fansubs in the meantime or AT LEAST go to Hitoshi Doi's site and read the episode summaries) Don't try to be something that you aren't. Isn't there a famous poem which says that if you are an apple, don't try to be an orange. This is because no matter how hard you try, you will always be a second-rate orange, but by being what you are, you will be a first-rate apple. (If you think the point of that was to compare apples to oranges, you need to read this entire rave again) I am sick of seeing people talking about the Japanese version when they don't know it. For one thing, who is Serena Tsukino? Or saying: "Zoycite works for Queen Beryl who works for Queen Metalia. She is in love with Kunzite." (Zoycite is a MALE, and yet the person says Zoysite is a SHE while still using the Japanese story plot like having Queen Metalia and spelling Malachite as Kunzite) I know I have said this before, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you have only seen the dubbed version, only talk about that version. (And if you're talking about the anime, don't call him Darien Shields. That's only in the comics)

Now, lastly, a thing about webpage etiquette. I can't stand it when people say: "This is the best Sailormoon page in the entire world! We rock!" This is all opinion, and by saying you are the best, it is implying that you are also the best in bragging, being full of yourself, etc. Then, I also don't like it when people lie about their counters. If you just put their counter up but have received lots of hits before (like by looking at their guestbooks) then it doesn't mean that they have to put the counter starting point to three thousand, or some other high number. People can tell if you made a fake starting number on your counter. I have been to some pages which when I first visited, there was no counter whatsoever, but the next day there was suddenly a counter reading five thousand. The page wasn't even that popular! If you want people to know that you're not some unpopular site with a counter of 0, then below the counter write: "I just put this counter up, so the number is counting from January 16, 2000." That's what I did on my site!

I don't expect this rant to do anything for me, it's just expressing my opinion. It would actually be pretty neat if this rant changed a person's webpage from downright horrible to something up there with the Everchanging (or Neverchanging) Sailormoon Gateway though. I know, I know, dream on Clere Crystal. Who would even read a rant as long as this one. Oh well, you can't blame me for having dreams! (speaking of dreams, most of my dreams are Sailormoon related. The ones I have when I sleep I mean) Until the next rant, all you wonderful Sailormoon fans out there!

- Clere Crystal
(Note: Yes, I know how to spell CLEAR)

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