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Personality Crisis

Written on: March 6, 2000 (Actually, on two nights, but I forgot the other date)
Posted On: March 6, 2000

Usagi suffered a personality crisis at the hands of DIC

Just a little note before I get started. If I sound like an entirely different person from the beginning half and the ending half of this rant, it's because I wrote it on two different being when I was half awake (2:00 AM) and one being when I was fully awake. (10:00 PM) I'm sure you can guess which one is which. ^_^

We have a giant personality crisis on our hands…and it all happened when DIC decided to release their dubbed version of Sailormoon and change EVERYTHING around. Names were changed, (which I hate as you can see by my name rant) attacks were changed, but worst of all…personalities were changed too. Rei, Minako, Makoto, Ami, Usagi…all of them, twisted! This rant will be analyzing the senshi's personalities and how they were changed by DIC's very own dirty hands!

Let's start with the ever so popular, Usagi and Rei relationship! Many people who have only seen the dubbed version of Sailormoon think that Rei and Usagi hate each other, when the answer is entirely the opposite of that answer. In fact, Usagi and Rei are best friends. DIC however decided to take this fact and turn it so that Rei looked like a sniveling, conniving person who couldn't take the fact that Usagi was the leader and wanted to steal the leadership title from Usagi. They put harsh words into Rei's mouth towards Usagi, and vice versa. In all, they made the two look like worst enemies!

How could DIC stoop so low as to do this?

Do you remember the episode where all of the senshi pretend to gang up against Sailormoon so as to trick Kunzite into thinking that they all are against her? (I believe it was called "Fractious Friends" in the DIC version) Well, there is this scene where Sailormoon is being strangled by Kunzite's youma, and Mars suddenly produces Moon's wand. In the original Japanese version, when all the senshi asked why Mars had Moon's wand, Mars said it was because Usagi trusted her with it. In the dubbed version, Mars says that Usagi left it underneath her bed, also implying that Rei stole the wand because she wanted to become the leader. Why did DIC decide to change that part around? Was it necessary to make Rei and Usagi ultimate enemies?

Now, speaking of Rei and Usagi, I hate to say that DIC even went to changing Rei's personality. Sure, I have to agree that Rei was a bit bitchy in the original Japanese series even though Rei is one of my favorite inner senshi, but DIC brought her down even lower. They made her loud mouthed, rude, and just everything else they could do to ruin a perfectly good senshi. It was horrible! Please, for those of you who have only seen the DIC version, Rei really isn't that bad. Sure, she may have her rough spots where she loses her temper and brags a bit, but she isn't a rude valley-girl who just struts around trying to make herself look better than everyone else! Why did DIC decide to change that part around? Was it necessary to make Rei an ultimate b**ch?

Moving on to Minako…oh, poor, poor Minako. She was transformed from a semi-ditzy, brave, and "experienced" senshi into a clumsy valley girl and total ditz. Why, why, why? What drove DIC to do this to our original sailor senshi, Sailor V? What was the point? Her voice wasn't as bad as the others in DIC's Sailormoon, but her personality sure was! "Wicked cool, wicked neat, that's wicked freaky." Minako NEVER talked like this in the original version…DIC just decided to make her talk like an air headed valley girl. UGH! Why did DIC decide to change that part around? Was it necessary to make Minako an ultimate ditz?

Usagi? You want to know what they did to Usagi? Let's just say the exact same thing as Minako except a bit worse. (You know, with all the "Wow, that's wicked cool!" stuff) It's true that in the original version Usagi was already pretty much a ditz and a klutz, but she was *not* a valley girl, and never will be. You will never see Usagi walking around in the horrible staring at every guy with hearts in her eyes and saying every other second, "Ooh, what a hunkmeister! What a hunk of burning love! He's so hunky!" Umm…okay, Serena. It's nice and all that your "wicked" vocabulary has extended to "hunk", but think about it. You usually refer to "hunk" in terms of food, like a hunk of meatloaf. Are you saying that Darien is a hunk of burning love meatloaf? **Serena: Well, like no duh. He's like so wicked hunky, just like a hunk of meatloaf."** Hear this, everyone. Usagi is a sweet, nice, maybe ditzy and klutzy girl, but she is NO reject from Clueless. If you paid her in food, she still wouldn't play a part in Clueless! Why did DIC decide to change that part around? Was it necessary to make Usagi an ultimate reject from Clueless?

Who do you think of in Sailormoon when you hear the words "exam", "study", and "only 99 chapters ahead"? That's right...Sailormercury. To tell the truth however, Sailormercury isn't as bad as DIC made her. She may be a study freak, but a lot of children in Japan are actually like that, and it is completely normal. Competition into High School is tough, and if you fail the test, you risk having your entire life shot down in one exam. (How Usagi managed to pass, I am still yet to figure out) Ami goes to a normal school in the daytime, not some top brainy fact, she goes to the exact same school as Usagi. Then, she attends a cram school at night so that she can be farther ahead in her work. Ami is no nerd...but that's exactly how DIC portrays her as. They turn her into a hermit who's only life is studying so that she can be 36 (an actual quote from the dub) chapters ahead of everyone else. Uhum...sorry DIC, but I think you're exaggerating a little *too* much. 36 chapters? 26 maybe...but 36? I just don't understand what DIC is trying to do to our Sailormercury! Are they simply being cruel, or do they seriously believe that Ami really is that nerdy? Spare me, save me, deliver me from this torture! Why did DIC decide to change that part around? Was it necessary to make Ami an ultimate nerd?

Who is extremely tall, thinks everyone looks like her boyfriend, and **sounds like a man**? Of course...the DIC version of Sailorjupiter, Lita. They did a great injustice to her by turning her into a woman who is more like a man and who's only goal in life is to chase boys, cook, and fight. That's not true. Mako-chan is a sensitive, caring friend, and she's always the person most of the senshi will go to (apart from Minako) when they have problems. I don't know why DIC decided to give her a voice which made her sound like a was much too gruff. This may seem small, but if you think about it, it can warp the mind of someone who has only seen the DIC version into making stereotypes about Mako-chan. Why did DIC decide to change that part around? Was it necessary to make Mako-chan an ultimate...MAN?

Chibi-Usa, the pink spore many of us have learned to hate. I don't love her, but I don't despise her enough either to want her head on a stake, so I think I should include her into this rant/rave. At least I won't let any personal feelings for her take over too much. DIC is probably responsible for half of the people who hate Chibi-Usa out there. (Yes, I know that there are more sensible Chibi-Usa haters who have seen the original episodes, and I congratulate them on that. They make sense...unlike some OTHER people...*cough* *cough*) Sure, she's annoying at times, but what DIC did was terrifying. First of all, it's her voice. I can't stand it. She sounds like a dying rodent, and an ultimate whiny brat. Then, her personality was just bratty itself. The way Rini treated Serena...oooh, I just want to smash her head against a wall for that! She was so much more mature in the original Japanese version. (Now I'm sure Chibi-Usa haters could argue against me here...oh well, just be glad that I hate the DIC version of her) DIC just *had* to turn her into a little snotty nosed brat, didn't they? For what reason? I have no idea...maybe the producer has a personal vendetta against pink. I just know one thing...if DIC decides to produce Sailormoon Super, I will lock myself up in my room for a year so that I will not hear anything about how she's doing in Sailormoon Super. If they even get to as far as SuperS, I will probably kill myself...well, maybe not *kill* myself but I would at least hold protests in front of their office. Why did DIC decide to change that part around? Was it necessary to turn Chibi-Usa into an ultimate brat?

And so there you have it. The warped personalities of the senshi in a single rant. The next time you see DIC, be sure to send them my regards...and don't forget to ask them two simple questions... Why did they decide to change the personalities around? Was it necessary to turn all of the senshi into freaked out versions of themselves?!?!

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