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Why I Hate the DIC Version - In General

Haruka and Michiru...they were never dubbed and NEVER will be!

I have gone into detail about why I hate the names of the DIC version, but now I'm going to be more general and just say what I basically hate about it! A, nice, beautiful list with all my anti-DIC comments poured into it.

1) The names…those horrible, horrible, names. Need I say more? I have already written up a special rave about my personal thoughts on each and every dubbed name of the senshi and Tuxedo Kamen, so for more information, read The Name Rant.

2) Why does Luna sound like some old English lady? She's meant to sound cute and energetic, not old and tired!

3) They degraded the little pink haired Chibi-Usa. People always thought she was annoying before, but DIC turned her into a maniac rabid bunny with foam coming out of her mouth! (And I think that her voice just broke my eardrums) 4) Rini. REEEENEEEEE! What's with the name? So many "E" sounds are going to turn me deaf!

5) Princess Serena? Why couldn't they have kept it Princess Serenity? They kept Neo-Queen Serenity after all!

6) Mercury, make up your mind in the R series. Is it Mercury Ice Storm Blast (Ice Storm Freeze? I don't go memorizing DIC terms after all!) or is it Shine Aqua Illusion?

7) Same with you, Moon. Moon Star Power or Moon Crystal Power? It's not that hard, you know.

8) They turn Rei into a bitchy girl who just wants to steal the leadership role from Usagi. She's Usagi's best friend!

9) They removed the "Make-Up" part of the transformation. That was the best part! *pout*

10) Everyone dies some day or the other. It's a fact. The senshi died during the battle against Queen Beryll's DD girls. It's a fact. Sailormoon died in the battle against Queen Metallia and she and Chibimoon died in the R battle. It's a fact. So why can't DIC stick to the facts? 11) Oh yeah, Mamoru died when he was captured by Queen Beryl. He wasn't just badly injured and needed rest like the DIC version says. He also dies again when he jumps in front of the spear Queen Beryl shoots at Sailormoon, and OF COURSE DIC didn't show that either. You can still see a bit of the spear sticking out of him though.

12) What is with Naru-chan's accent? Is that supposed to make her sound cute?! (Hate to break this to you, DIC, but it didn't work.)

13) Then there's Makoto's voice. She sounds like she has a bunch of beeswax up her nose and a frog shoved down her throat!

14) They make Rei look like some satanic girl who is obsessed with fire. She's really a part of the Shinto religion, but of course people don't know that because they changed the name of the Hikawa Temple/Shrine to "Cherry Hill Temple". Aww…isn't that sweet? I wonder if there are any cherry trees growing nearby. The first letter you always see when zooming in on the sign of the Hikawa Temple is: ¤ő, which means fire. Gee, couldn't DIC have at least made the name of the shrine have to do with fire?

15) Usagi sounds like a valley girl with no sense and her voice fluctuates (goes UP and then DOWN like she has puberty) at every other word.

16) When Usagi is Princess Serenity she gets an accent and speaks way too slow for comfort. (Plus, she e-n-u-n-c-i-a-t-e-s**e-v-e-r-y**l-e-t-t-e-r**p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y)

17) The story line is messed up, the characters are messed up. During the scene where Safiiru tells Esmeraude he also cares for Dimando, in the DIC scene, he instead implies that he likes her. ("Why do you care for him when there's someone who cares for you instead?) What the hell? Where did that come from? (Ooh..Clere Crystal sweared. Surprised? It's only DIC which makes me do that)

18) Let me guess. DIC doesn't think kids can handle the words "Dark Kingdom" and "Black Moon Family" so they changed them to "Negaverse" and "Negamoon". What's with the Nega's? (I can just see the rest of the series villains now…the Negabusters, the Negamoon Circus, and the Negamates.)

19) Do all those "Scene Change Effects" (example: The tiara's that come on when the scene changes or those spinning box things) even contribute in any way to the show? All they do is cover up important parts. For example, when Sailor Venus makes her first appearance, they cover up Minako and Artemis' face with the flying tiara when they should have let EVERYONE see those two for more than half a second! (which was all I saw of them. Half a second)

20) Poor Zoycite suffered a gender change just because of some homosexuality between him and Kunzite. They also stuck him with a hyena laugh and the most pathetic sayings ever. ("I'll get you cape boy! AHAHAHAHA!" WHAT THE HECK?)

21) What is with the meatball head phrase? Couldn't they have thought of something else Usagi's odangos resembled instead of meatballs? Geez, just call her Dumpling Head then if a lot of people wouldn't understand "Odango Atama". People understand dumplings are round and it sounds a lot better than "Meatball Head".

22) What is with the valley girl talk? "Hey, like wow! That's so wicked cool!" "Wicked nasty!" "Wicked neat!" (okay, I'm over exaggerating here) I swear though, that's all I hear. It's "wicked" this and "wicked" that. When was the LAST time anyone said "wicked" except for from Clueless?

23) Here's another very bothering thing: That wonderful comment at the end of the very dramatic scene where Usagi finds out she is Princess Serenity. (By one of the senshi. I forget which one) Now, it's not the fact that I thought a comment would spoil the scene, but that PARTICULAR comment spoiled it! "Serena, a princess? Now this is WAY past weird!" Oh please, more valley girl talk!

24) What is with "Sailormoon Says"? Are those some morals DIC is trying to teach kids. Do we even need them? It's pathetic! "It's not nice to make fun of people just because they're nerds or they look geeky." That one sentence showed us all of "Serena's" (not to be confused with Usagi, who is much more intelligent) intelligence and turned away any would-be Usagi fans.

25) What's even worse with "Sailormoon Says" is that DIC can't even finish making all of them. During the second half of R (and I think even in the first half of it) they just show rerun "Sailormoon Says" which hardly relate to the episode at all. SAD.

26) DIC, if you start Sailormoon and Sailormoon R, then finish the rest up! You should have looked into the problems of dubbing Sailormoon before you started dubbing it. Now you abandon those people who can't get their hands on any fansubs and only know the DIC version? (Oh wait, actually, don't dub the rest. We'll help those people. You dubbing the rest of Sailormoon would just confuse everyone and make dubbies look really stupid. (Example: Going on a message board and talking about Haruka and Michiru as Corinne and Nerissa. ECKY!)

27) Not to do with DIC, but to do with whatever company makes those American Sailormoon toys. (Sorry, I don't live in the U.S. or anywhere in the west actually, and I have no clue what the name of the company is) Why on Earth did you rename Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna to "Corinne", "Nerissa", and "Celia"? Talk about making a person gag!

28) Moonlight Densetsu was taken in by DIC, ripped apart, and then stuck together in all different directions, resulting in…"She Is the One Named Sailormoon". Understand DIC--Moonlight Densetsu didn't even HAVE Sailormoon's name in it!

29) "She Is the One Named Sailormoon" is so unimaginative. They must repeat the words "she is the one named Sailormoon" a hundred times or so!

30) They're senshi, NOT scouts. Senshi means soldiers, warriors, fighters, etc. They fight for love and justice. Scouts are little girls who sell cookies and record good deeds in their good deed book. They wouldn't stand a chance against Sailor Galaxia! (Scouts: "Excuse me Miss Galaxia, but would you like to buy a box of oatmeal cookies?" Galaxia: "ZAP!" Scouts: "EEK!" And they lose their starseeds and those awful tasting oatmeal cookies.)

31) Yes, Umino may be a nerd, but it doesn't mean he has to have an awful voice like that. His accent is as bad as Naru-chan's.

32) The only attack name that is the same in the dubbed and in the original is "Shine Aqua Illusion". Nothing else is the same and the attacks are in ENGLISH for gosh sakes!

33) Tuxedo Kamen was corny in the original. He sounds pathetic in the dubbed. ("Be calm like the rose Sailormoon. Look to the rose for your answers.") What the heck? What's that supposed to mean?

There. That should be enough reasons to hate the DIC version. The names scare me, the voices freak me out, and the only way to torture me is to stick me in a room with "She Is the One Named Sailormoon" for one hour. That's all I need, one hour. (Uh-oh…I see evil glints in those eyes of yours. Just WHAT are you thinking about?) DIC cut out anything "too mature" for young children and even crossed out the fact that the senshi and Tuxedo Kamen died. They twisted all the attack names up with the most pathetic ones ever. Tuxedo Kamen sounds ten times cornier than he already was. Chibi-Usa's bad points are magnified a hundred times along with a very annoying name…RINI.

I've said what I have to say about DIC, and if you want to drop me an email, please feel free to do so. If you feel that you have to flame me, then you are an extremely sad person and I just might show everyone your flame. If you are flaming me because you WANT your flame posted up on this site, then I suggest you turn yourself in to the men in the white coats right away. If that's too difficult for you, press that button next to you and I'll send them over to pick you up. That's it… no more for this rant. More DIC rants coming soon though! (Like always!)

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