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I have way too much time on my hand...I just updated on the 1st, and here I am again. Oh well. (See What's New for the newest updates!).

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More updates! (April 3, 2000) To see all of them, go to What's New and check them out. Appropriate links are provided in What's New. Seriously I update too much? ^.^
(The song playing is "Tuxedo Mirage")

This site was originally intended to be JUST fanfics, but I've expanded it and now it's another Anti-DIC Sailormoon page..except that it has fanfics.

Important Note: These were the ORIGINAL goals when this site was first set up.
1) To provide great fanfics for people who are against DIC to read and enjoy (They are anti-DIC and comparism of original Sailormoon to the DIC version fanfics)
2) To help people who have only seen the DIC dubbed version of Sailormoon to realize differences between the original and the DIC and which one is by far better
3) And if they want, for DIC dubbies to read the fanfics as well, though if they are big fans of DIC they might get somewhat offended

So, let's get started! All suggestions are welcome. (To be more reasonable, let's say all suggestions are needed!) :P

Just remember that this is an anti-DIC site, and while I am not against anyone who watches or loves DIC (That would be prejudice), the dubbed version itself will never receive anything but negative comments from me. Besides, the majority of the people who visit the site are anti-DIC people.

HUGS and Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon forever,
Clere Crystal
(Last note: That's pronounced Clear Crystal)

Counter functioning as of March 8, 2000. I just couldn't help myself. ^_^

This is an unofficial Sailormoon page. All rights to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon belong to Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI Animation, and Kodansha. Since I watch the cantonese version just as much as I watch the Japanese version, rights also belong to AIKO Animation here in Hong Kong. Against my own wishes, I also have to mention that rights belong to DIC, since I talk about them a lot. All designs and text on this site are owned by Clere Crystal. Take any and you will be locked in a room playing the "She's the One Named Sailormoon" theme for eternity.