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The following emails are ones I have received which support the dub but don't qualify as flames. So far I only have one email as of yet, but I might be adding more, depending on my mood and if I think that it's necessary. The following person below requested for her letter to be posted up for all to see, so here it is...

I cannot condone DIC's actions, however that is how many fans were first introduced to Sailor Moon. I love the anime, and know as much as one can about the other seasons without actually watching them so I can see where both sides come from. I think you are to harsh, your opinions are valid (this is your site after all) it's just as I said before, the dub isn't bad as you think. I'm sure Naoko wants her wonderful manga/anime shared with the world.
Penny Chan
P.S. Please post this, just don't rip it to shreds, don't be like DIC.:)

Hmm...well...a supporter of the dub, and yet she admits that DIC ripped Sailormoon to shreds. (As stated in her P.S.) Even though this letter is short, I *like* it. Penny Chan seems to realize that DIC ripped the show to shreds, and yet she supports them with saying that DIC introduced Sailormoon to the English speaking fans. Yes, it's true that they did this, but they (sadly) did a *very* poor job of translating Sailormoon accurately. The result? Confused fans who have only seen the DIC version. I may be a bit harsh, but I'm just speaking out what I think, and I truly think that DIC did Sailormoon a great injustice by dubbing it the way that it did.
Thanks for your polite letter though, and *please*...will flamers *please* read this and learn that swearing and WRITING IN ALL CAPS LOCK is just plain immature?
- Clere

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