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Would you spare a few minutes of your precious time to help a webmistress in need, begging at your feet? (Hey, by the way, those are nice shoes you have on!) If one of your goals is to laugh at DIC Sailormoon and/or to help dubbies become more aware, here are some things that perhaps you could help me with. (Anyone who helps with anything on the HELP NEEDED page will get their page linked to AND will have a nice section on the THANKYOU page.)

1) I'm looking for two people to help with the fanfics section, called Official Fanfic Writers. They are people who wouldn't mind being one of three (including me) writers to write fanfics for this page. Basically, if our fanfics are starting to get old or we are getting no submissions, I will ask these people to help write a fanfic to put up. (I will be writing too, so don't worry!) If you want to apply for this position, please send me an email and include your name (fake or real), homepage, and a fanfic. The fanfic you include can be ANY type of fanfic, as long as it shows me your writing skills. I'm looking for one humerous writer and one more serious one. If you have a humerous and serious fanfic, send me both! THANKYOU!
P.S.: If you get accepted as an Official Fanfic Writer, you will get two pages on this site where you can write whatever you want, like info. about yourself, your favorite sites, your rants and raves, etc.

2) You don't have to be an Official Writer to write a fanfic and send it to this site! If you just want to write a fanfic and send it whenever, then please do so. All credit will go to you.

3) Let people know about AWARENESS: Are you aware? by linking it to your site. It's not required but it would be really nice if you did so, because we want as many people as possible to get the benefits of enjoying this Anti-DiC page. Buttons can be found at Link To Us.

4) If you have any ideas, we would love to have them! Just mail your ideas on how to make this site better to me, and I'll give you credit and thank you properly!

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