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BunnyTCU: starheal-san!
Star0Heal: Gal! I woke up late today. ;_;
BunnyTCU: *giggles*
BunnyTCU: *pokies* ne, read the latest posts
on extinguishing...took an interesting plot twist.

Star0Heal: *reading reading*
BunnyTCU: *clings to yaten* gal
finished watching the sailorsatrs series.... ;_;

BunnyTCU: itoe...not this again ^^
Star0Heal: We went home...doesn't that
make you so happy? ^-^

Star0Heal: Better not read the manga, Itoe...the
Starlights die horrible deaths in it.

BunnyTCU: oh, she already read that...
BunnyTCU: *clings* hai! you went
home!!! *mumbles* got seiya away from

Star0Heal: Kakyuu-hime is back! She's
back! *dances around with Itoe*

BunnyTCU: hai!!! *dances* go! get
your princess away from that psycho!

Star0Heal: *pauses* Wait a
minute...what if this is a trap? I mean, why would the
Messiah of Silence just give the princess up
unless...*points to Plei* You work for him! It's a

BunnyTCU: *sits on the ground* i don't
work for him! he's evil!

Star0Heal: ...but what was with that blue
thing you were trying to form? *stands back* A
weapon...I knew it!

BunnyTCU: actually, that was my idea for
showing them she's not their enemy but i
waited too long to post. ^^

Star0Heal: Oh...what was it supposed to be
though? *peers*

BunnyTCU: i was also waiting to see if another
idea came to me, but it's all i came up with.

BunnyTCU: she was going to first have her
satr pendant appear, then explain what it was
and what it's symbolic for, and then display an
image into their minds or somethign of the ruin
of the pleiades by zoyocite.

BunnyTCU: kind of like what seiya did with
usagi at the concert with her up on the ferris
wheel during their song.

BunnyTCU: like i said, not my best idea but all i
could come up with.

Star0Heal: That would probably have worked if
Zoyocite didn't suddenly pop up with the princess
just then. You could always have her do that a little
while later after everything has been resolved.

Star0Heal: I like the idea! ^-^ It would work well!
BunnyTCU: *nods*
BunnyTCU: would it? *beams*
BunnyTCU: i had no idea zoyo was going to
keep her for such a short time *shrugs*

BunnyTCU: *tugs kakyuu away from
zoyocite* don't just stand there chatting! he's
crazy! @_@

Star0Heal: Yup, it would. Healer might still be a bit
wary but at least she would feel better knowing that
she's fighting alongside someone who has also had
their home destroyed. Fighter would probably
believe Plei right away. I'm not sure about Maker

BunnyTCU: hmmmmm dunno.
Star0Heal: *snatches Kakyuu away*
Stay away from that evil...thing! *snarls at Zoyo*

BunnyTCU: you should feel special ^_^ the
other senshi only know her senshi name,
nothing else.

BunnyTCU: *stands guard while the
starlgihts have their second reunion* ^^

BunnyTCU: you're quiet suddenly.
Star0Heal: O.o I'm trying to type up a response to
another RPG before the person waiting for me tears
me up into itty-bitty pieces. *glares at the second
IM window open* I'm almost finished though...give
me a second!

BunnyTCU: *giggles* ok, starheal-san.
BunnyTCU: *sings that 3lights song i can't

BunnyTCU: bah! itoe's making me replay parts
of the stars season...i think she's obsessed.

Star0Heal: *sings along with Gal to "Nagareboshi
He"* ^-^

BunnyTCU: hai!!! that one!
BunnyTCU: done yet? ^_^
Star0Heal: On the last few sentences! This is a
scene where Yaten finds out that the person he was
going out with is actually a villain. Big crisis for him.

BunnyTCU: awwwwwwwwww!
BunnyTCU: *tries desperately to keep
her mouth shut*

Star0Heal: *pats Yaten* Poor Yaten. Lost his
princess in one RPG, lost his love in another RPG.

BunnyTCU: need a hug? *smiles* and
you got your princess back, see? *tugs kakyuu

BunnyTCU: is dating seiya in another ^^;;;;
BunnyTCU: er *away from zoyo*
Star0Heal: O.o Who's dating Seiya in another?
BunnyTCU: yaten.... in infinity.... *sighs*
Star0Heal: Aii!!!!
BunnyTCU: but we're aobut to kick our yaten i

Star0Heal: *hides* HOw did that

Star0Heal: Kick your Yaten? *confused*
BunnyTCU: our yaten in infinity rpg went on
vacation for a months ago.

Star0Heal:'s Sonya, right? She's the one
who's always writing Yaten fics all over the web.

BunnyTCU: *nods*
BunnyTCU: claudia plays seiya *shudders*
BunnyTCU: well, she can't play yaten

Star0Heal: Has Claudia been causing the cabinet
members of Infinity trouble, or something of that
sort? *peers*

BunnyTCU: *nods*
BunnyTCU: if she screws up one more time....
a tiny bit...she's out...

Star0Heal: *sniffs* I always wanted to play the
Starlights in Infinity since it was one of those RPGs I
was dying to get into, but they were all taken by the
time I found out about it. -_-*

BunnyTCU: :-D
BunnyTCU: uh oh... i know that smile...
Star0Heal: seems that Claudia has been
causing trouble in a few RPGs then. We were
having problems with her hogging the spotlight in a
now dead RPG.

BunnyTCU: *nods* she's horrible.
Star0Heal: *blinks* Smile...what does it
mean? *grabs Itoe* What does it mean?

Star0Heal: *shake shake*
BunnyTCU: *nods at gal* you'll see...
BunnyTCU: :-D
BunnyTCU: *puts finger to lips in a cute
manner* hush hush now star heal-san!

Star0Heal: *zips up mouth*
Star0Heal: I would hush hush if I knew what to
hush hush up about. ^-^*

BunnyTCU: Yaten - Oh Sonya, are you gone
forever? Shall we give the role to
ugh, just drop her. she's been gone forever.
tell star heal that the position is open, have
her send in an 'application' (we KNOW she's a
good healer - see noft if you need proof) and
we'll give the cute white-haired starlight over.
with one stipulation - yaten breaks up with
seiya >: )
Star Heal-chan! :D
Suggestion: Probably just replace her with Star
Heal if she wants. Who plays a very deadly
Yaten-kun, I hear. ^_^
kick sonya. give to star heal. who will promptly
break up with seiya =)
*giggles secretively*

BunnyTCU: that's gal's 'i have a secret i
should keep but where's the fun in that' smile.

Star0Heal: *hugs Gal to death* Gal-chan! *sniffs*
That's so nice...I always wanted to play Yaten in

BunnyTCU: another stipulation *evil smile*
Star0Heal: Oh...Star Heal's "I have a
secret I should keep but where's the fun in that" smile
is >:D *cackles8

BunnyTCU: uh oh....
BunnyTCU: make healer like pleiades!
Star0Heal: *blinks* Whaaaat?
BunnyTCU: *facevaults* gal! i don't
need you making threats and bargains to get
me friends! *pouts* *lip tremble* do i?

BunnyTCU: not **like** but like!
BunnyTCU: GAL! stop! you're
embarassing me!

Star0Heal: *pats Itoe* Of course're the
lovable star senshi of the Pleiades after all!

Star0Heal: But I'm met to be the
untrusting one!

Star0Heal: *knocks Healer* Do what the woman

BunnyTCU: *sees it may be working
and poses cutely*

BunnyTCU: (i'm just kidding btw)
Star0Heal: No, it's all right. I was planning on
having Healer trusting Plei near the end of
Extinguishing anyways...unless Plei runs away during
the battle. >.<

BunnyTCU: yay! *grabs a hammer and mails
plei's feet to the ground*

BunnyTCU: ittai! gal! i'm wearing
sandals, ne?

Star0Heal: *sticks a postage stamp on Plei and
giggles* You said mail. ^-^

BunnyTCU: :-P Nails.
BunnyTCU: *writes the scientific
address of the pleiades on herself* gal, i think i
need more stamps... 400 light years away is far

Star0Heal: *sticks a couple hundred more stamps
on Plei* I wonder how much this is going to cost.

BunnyTCU: think we'll need more *sticks on
about double that*

BunnyTCU: wait... i'd probably get
damaged... i'll just stay here for a little while

Star0Heal: *tapes Plei up with "Fragile" tape*
BunnyTCU: that's going to hurt taking

Star0Heal: Well...we could always load you up with
bandages and cream! won't have to wax
for a long time after that. O.o

BunnyTCU: *giggles* and with this fuku
i can neve skip a day shaving... yaten-kun!
come with me? *flutters eyelashes*

Star0Heal: *backs away* ...but I'm a
guy...I can't have smooth legs too. What will my
fans think then?

BunnyTCU: *waves hand* the three
lights disbanded.... the anime says so!

BunnyTCU: *winks* and i've seen you in
fuku form... you're as much a guy as -i- am.

Star0Heal: *sticks tongue out* Well...I'm
a solo singer now. Can't disappoint all the girls, after

BunnyTCU: *_* no you can't *_*
BunnyTCU: uh oh...wrong words, yaten!
Star0Heal: *sweatdrops*
can't leave the princess here all alone on Earth.
Besides, your planet was destroyed, remember?
What are we going to do there?

BunnyTCU: waiiiiit....since when do you
care about the girls on earth? you were only
singing to find your princess!

Star0Heal: *tries to sneak away*
Darn...she knows me too well.

BunnyTCU: *follows* ok. i'll just hang
out with you here! *clings* i'll keep the throngs
of fans away!

BunnyTCU: like you did for taiki in falling star,

BunnyTCU: eh... *unclings and tries to
sneak away*

Star0Heal: Which story does Seiya and Yaten hit it
off in? I'm at the archives. ^-^*

BunnyTCU: erm...we need to update our
archives... ^^;;;;;;;;;

BunnyTCU: i think 5.
Star0Heal: *breathes out in relief* There
is -no- way you're going to get me on the cover of
some magazine/newspaper with her!

BunnyTCU: ne, ne! want me to send you the
stories we don't have up

Star0Heal: nice to Itoe, Yaten-kun.
Star0Heal: Sure...that would be from episode 6 to
9, right? *_*

BunnyTCU: i didn't mean to!!! and just
think, you have something to
tease taiki-kun mercilessly about! *winks*

BunnyTCU: hai.
BunnyTCU: *stops* what's wrong with
me? you went on tv with a cat!

BunnyTCU: *goes to search out the episodes*
Star0Heal: *hugs Luna and sticks tongue out at
Itoe* This cat has more personality than you do!

Star0Heal: *drags Yaten away* That's it! I told
you to be nice!

BunnyTCU: *slumps against a tree and

BunnyTCU: *repeats to self* i will not
cry i will not cry.

BunnyTCU: episodes off and away.
Star0Heal: I received the episodes! *cheers*
BunnyTCU: *pats itoe on the shoulder* now
now! after watchign all those episodes, you
should know she's like that to everyone...even
her teammates at times.

BunnyTCU: *cheers*
Star0Heal: *peers at Itoe* All right...I'm
sorry that I said you have less personality than Luna
even if it's true. *blinks as everyone stares in shock
at Yaten* Whaaat? Star Heal-baka made me say

BunnyTCU: hrmph! *turns away*
Star0Heal: *cracks knuckles* Be nice Yaten, or
I'll hand you over to Zoisite on a silver platter.

BunnyTCU: how would you know, ne?
you've never met me in civilian form... only
seen me twice!

Star0Heal: *frowns* *do*
have more personality than a black cat who talks and
I think that you're nice and pretty and...*pauses*
How am I doing so far?

Star0Heal: I'm teaching him how to flatter people.
It's not going very well.

BunnyTCU: *looks at yaten* you do
not think that. it's ok. i'd rather you be
yourself! *taps him on the nose and giggles*

BunnyTCU: *giggles* if you could get him to
not say 'how am i doing so far?' it would help!

BunnyTCU: *lol at something in the
manga* "the girlish and cute Yaten Kou"

BunnyTCU: itoe-chan.... *sighs*
Star0Heal: *wrinkles his nose* It's not
my fault Star Heal is a bad teacher.

Star0Heal: Ne, Yaten. You're a girl in the manga,
did you know that?

BunnyTCU: i think if you'd just watch
star heal you'd learn pretty well *winks*

Star0Heal: O.o
Star0Heal: Ooh...or you can watch Itoe too and
pick up a few of her pointers. ^-^

BunnyTCU: *^_^*
Star0Heal: Aii!
Star0Heal: She just read the part in episode 5 when
Fighter slaps her to wake her up.

BunnyTCU: *shakes head slowly* it's ok... it
wasn't really yaten.

BunnyTCU: yaten was possesed @_@
Star0Heal: I'm possesed? Things get
scarier every day. *pokes Gal* Who's Ikariko?

BunnyTCU: ikariko is xmercury, but she doesn't
know she's xmercury... she has a big crush on

Star0Heal: *nods* think
Fighter stole my temper problem.

Star0Heal: *nod nods*
BunnyTCU: *nods*
BunnyTCU: hai... you notice that too?
Star0Heal: How could I not? Everything she says
are in capitals, she swears like

BunnyTCU: that's.....claudia.....
BunnyTCU: that &*%$ curses worse
than i do and i'm the mirror of uranus!

Star0Heal: *agrees with Akuma* Give
me my temper back, Fighter! Stop stealing it from

BunnyTCU: give it back!!! each of
the 3 starlights have their thing!

BunnyTCU: *lists* taiki-adult,
yaten-short tempered, disapproving
of lots of things. seiya-chases, that's
about it ^^

Star0Heal: Seiya - chases moon, will be
the first of the Starlights to trust a newcomer such as
Plei, *blinks at Plei*, and is probably the most caring
out of the three

BunnyTCU: you're so nice, akuma-kun
Star0Heal: *jumps up* But he doesn't
lose his temper like he doesn't!!!

BunnyTCU: *flashes a killer smile* i
do try my best, gal-chan!

Star0Heal: *winks at Akuma* We
should team up together and dump Seiya down a
trash compactor for an episode.

BunnyTCU: team up with a senshi,
ne? *looks at seiya* well, anything to get rid of

BunnyTCU: oh...prewarning you... the
starlights in episode 6 and 7 are...

BunnyTCU: *apoligizes in advance to
starheal* i was rude to them in one of those
two was taking out aggressions.

BunnyTCU: we had a good taiki....but his email
started bouncing:(

BunnyTCU: so taiki is pretty much free and
we're going through everything claudia does
with a comb....

Star0Heal: Kowai Starlights? *hugs Yaten tightly*
What did our little white haired dear do this time?

Star0Heal: It sounds like all of your Starlights are
having problems with Infinity that right?

BunnyTCU: *nods*
BunnyTCU: *tightly hugs starheal* that's why
we'll need you!!!

Star0Heal: Awww....*hugs Gal back* What do I
have to do for the application?

BunnyTCU: i'm going to talk to the cabinet,
see what we can do about claudia so you dont'
have to work with her much.

BunnyTCU: oh! the kakyuu from noft is now
infinity's kakyuu ^_^

BunnyTCU: silly IM kicked me off!
Star0Heal: Yup, I read about that on the Infinity
board. *cheers* She's a good Kakyuu too!

BunnyTCU: Hai!!!!
Star0Heal: *kicks IM*
BunnyTCU: *kick kick*
Star0Heal: Do I need to give a writing sample in or
anything of that sort? ^-^

BunnyTCU: um....just to give us something to
do and for formality, hai.

BunnyTCU: lesse...
BunnyTCU: your name:
how often are you online:
writing sample...hmmm

BunnyTCU: oh! i know! i wannnnnnnna make
one up!:-)

Star0Heal: *raises eyebrow* What idea does Gal
have this time? o_o

BunnyTCU: don't send this right away, we still
have to officially send the letter for sonya (like
it matters).

Star0Heal: Okay...I can still work on it though,

BunnyTCU: yaten's reaction when kinmoku was
destroyed (again...) and their princess was
missing (again...)

Star0Heal: ...unless Sonya suddenly returns?
BunnyTCU: *shakes head* nopenope!
BunnyTCU: we want you! *hugs*
BunnyTCU: or the break up scene with seiya
>: (

BunnyTCU: oops! >: )
Star0Heal: >:D
BunnyTCU: i think the reaction for kinmoku
being destroyed would be good!

BunnyTCU: easy to do, ne?
BunnyTCU: *gets magic wand* that is your
assignmen!;)i'l let you know when it's safe to

Star0Heal: *giggles* Yaten lost Kinmoku and
Kakyuu in both the SM PBEM RPG and
Nightmares. I think I could write something up.

BunnyTCU: :( sad!
BunnyTCU: why do enemies like
screwing with us! just attack earth! leave us
alone! *hrmph*

Star0Heal: That's right! Us star senshi
don't deserve to be attacked...what did we ever do
to you? It's always the moon princesses fault.

Star0Heal: *slaps hand over Yaten's mouth*
Star0Heal: princesses = princess'
BunnyTCU: *cheers yaten on*
BunnyTCU: bad things do happen
because of her *grumbles*

BunnyTCU: quiet you.
Star0Heal: Hmmph. Gal and Star Heal
are no fun. :P

BunnyTCU: *throws her player in a

Star0Heal: *locks the closet up*
BunnyTCU: *unlocks it and throws star
heal in, then locks it*

Star0Heal: *mumbles from closet* I thought we
were meant to be in charge of the characters.

Star0Heal: *flashes the thumbs up sign at

BunnyTCU: *mumbles* you didn't know? they
take over...especially fic senshi.

BunnyTCU: *smiles and tries to edit her
past so the pleiades being detroyed was only a
dream and she can go back home and leave
earth* darn... she has some silly password i
don't know

Star0Heal: *rings up Taiki* Hello?
Taiki? you think that you could hack into
Gal's computer? While you're at it, do the same for
Star Heal's please.

BunnyTCU: ooh... i forgot about the
genius light! *sits and waits* any luck?

Star0Heal: *frowns* He says that he
does't believe in changing history and that we just
have to deal with it.

BunnyTCU: ne, ne, come visit me
sometime? you'd like the pleiades...they're
pretty...or were, if i can't edit my past *tries
random words*

BunnyTCU: oh... we should lock him in a
closet with many fans that are stupid and don't
know any poetry and hate calculus stuff until he agrees!

Star0Heal: We should make him teach a
room full of Usagi's!

BunnyTCU: hm, but she made him laugh
a few times... he may be able to put up with

BunnyTCU: ne... too bad i don't need
something from you... i'd stick you in a room
with that funny-talking arrogant idol who
thought you were...*giggles* gay...

Star0Heal: No, don't put me in a room
with her! She probably thought I was in love with
Luna as well! *hides*

Star0Heal: He can put up with it for
awhile, but imagine teaching a -room- full of Usagi's

BunnyTCU: ooh... i couldn't do that to
you *pulls yaten out of hiding* she was far too
annoying for me to track down to do that.

BunnyTCU: @_@ oh, that's cruel...
Star0Heal: O.o What time is it over there. Isn't it
around 2:00?

Star0Heal: *growls* I'm so glad you
didn't find her, or I would have to stick you in a
closet with the moon princess.

BunnyTCU: eeep! it is!
BunnyTCU: NOOooooooooooooo!!
yaten-kun, please! not that!

Star0Heal: Hehe...then I'm not a lone vampire
anymore. >D

BunnyTCU: nope! *shakes head*
BunnyTCU: *whimpers* not her...
Star0Heal: We just have to face it,
Pleiades. Our players are evil creatures of the night.

BunnyTCU: *nods* gal, you have class

BunnyTCU: ano... have to do what she says
*kicks at a rock*

Star0Heal: You have class tomorrow? Then you
should go to sleep before you fall over. I'm only a
vampire when it's safe for me to fall asleep in the

BunnyTCU: nite nite star heal! *pokes to post
again on extinguishing...before zoyo takes her
away again*

BunnyTCU: *hee*
BunnyTCU: Baibai!
Star0Heal: Okay...night!
Star0Heal: *pokes* I send the
vampire lord after you.