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Title: Sailormoon D
Author: Clere Crystal
Author Webpage: Awareness: Are you aware?
Stats: Humerous, comparism between original senshi and DIC scouts
Pro for anti-DIC People: Laugh at the blunders and sad names/attack calls/terms/etc. of the DIC scouts while they fight the senshi
Pro for DIC dubbies: A good awareness fanfic if you're confused about the differences between the original and the dubbed. That is, if you don't mind the dubbed scouts being the bad guy here.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the DIC scouts and the original senshi could meet up with each other? In this fanfic, Sailormoon D, the scouts have come up with an ultimate plan to take over the world. They will start in Japan, the center of all anime, slowly changing all the original Sailormoon episodes into dubbed ones. Who's going to come to the rescue? Why, the Sailor senshi of course! Every senshi is featured in this fanfic, which includes the Starlights. Our trusty Tuxedo Kamen will be there too. If you're looking for a humorous fanfic to read on senshi against scout, read this one!

Sailormoon D: A New Enemy Appears! Usagi's Dubbed Twin?
Sailormoon D: The Battle Continues! Outer Senshi and Starlights Enter the Scene!
Sailormoon D: Sailormoon in Trouble? Tuxedo Kamen Saves the Day!
Sailormoon D: The Time of Fate! The Ultimate Battle!

This series is named Sailormoon D, and so Sailormoon will have all the attacks and transformations she has in the original series UP TO Sailormoon S. A few exceptions is her super transformation sequence with Chibi-Usa (Moon Crisis Power, Make-Up!), and the fact that she uses her Moon Rainbow Heart Ache attack even if she has the Super S transformation. Oh well, it's a fanfic. Anything can happen in a fanfic. The senshi also have their super transformations and the attacks that go along with it. You will notice that in this fanfic you will meet characters from all different seasons. Don't let this confuse you.

I know that I mess some things up that are like "rules" in the sailor senshi world, namely that in super mode the senshi can still do all their old attacks, and the moon seems to carry her Moon Healing Wand, Moon Scepter, and Moon Spiral Rod all at the same time though we all know that the crystal from her healing wand is in her brooch and her scepter was replaced by the spiral rod. Oh well, that's just the way stories go.

One last thing. I know some DIC haters out there probably would like this fanfic to be gorier, but this is intended to be more humerous. One of my aims is to help those who have only watched the dubbed version to be more aware of the differences between DIC and the original, and to maybe even convert a few. So if the scouts don't get their heads blown off or their body parts thrown down the sewer…very sorry. Well, that's it. HAPPY READING!

None of these characters are mine. They are owned by Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI animation, and Kodansha. The scouts are the property of DIC and Mixxzone. This is merely what I think would happen if the scouts and the senshi met.