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Title: Death to Censors
Author Webpage: None
Stats: Humerous, some swearing, slight gore included
Pro for anti-DIC People: Everything...this is the story where DiC truly suffers from their evil deeds!
Pro for DIC dubbies: This will help you to discover just why DiC is so evil, and you might find yourself smirking if you have a good sense of humour

All of you who always wished that DiC would suffer greatly for the way they dubbed're in for a treat. "Death to Censors" is about Sailormoon finally deciding to get back at those evil censors, and the methods she uses aren't just her ordinary powers with flashing lights and pretty music in the background. After all, this is real business here, and she's going to make sure that DiC never gets away with what they did to her! Along with Sailormoon are the two Dark Kingdom generals, Zoisite and Kunzite. Join Sailormoon and the Dark Kingdom generals in the most fun you'll probably have for a *very* long time. ^.^

Death to Censors: Part One

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takauchi, and DIC (whose job translating it sucks) It does not belong to me at all.

DIC belongs to.......... whoever it belongs to... but the badtalk is mine.

Allright so the title is a bit... self explanatory, just sit back and enjoy.