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Hey! What are you doing over here? Shouldn't you be reading the fanfics instead of trotting backstage JUST to find out who I am? Well, if you're here for a picture of me, I don't have one as I don't have easy access to a scanner, but I might scan one up later on. Right now, I've got a drawn picture of myself though...

This is me when I have made an entire webpage, my computer suddenly crashes, and I remember I forgot to save.

What? You think it looks bad? Sorry, but this was drawn on the computer and I'm not too good at that. I'll scan one in later -- promise. Meanwhile, here's a bit about myself.

Third Person: Clere Crystal is a half Japanese half Chinese student who currently resides in Hong Kong. She can speak Japanese and Chinese (mandarin and cantonese) and has seen Sailormoon both languages. (The Cantonese dub is very accurate and is just like the Japanese original except for voices) She loves the Internet, HTML, writing stories, and drawing manga style. In fact, she is even currently making a comic book, but only for fun of course. (Did you really think she was going to publish it?) When making pages in Japanese and/or Chinese, she uses the nickname (Mitsuki/Mei-Yue) which means Pretty Moon. (I wonder which anime that name came from!)

You're probably thinking...THAT'S IT? THEN WHY DOES SHE HATE DIC AND WHY DOES SHE EVEN WATCH IT IF SHE KNOWS JAPANESE? Well, when I lived in Japan I had unlimited access to Sailormoon, but then I had to move. On moving to Hong Kong, I could not find any episodes of Sailormoon (which I was very much obsessed over) except for the cantonese ones playing on T.V. By the time I learned how to understand Cantonese, those episodes were long off the air. So what did I do? On hearing that Sailormoon had arrive in the U.S., I asked my friend from there to bring over tapes of it the next time she visited. I then started watching them -- and oh, were they SAD! Unfortunately, I still had to watch them just because of my Sailormoon obsession. Luckily, I have found video tapes of Sailormoon in cantonese and are currently watching those along with some Japanese ones my friend from Japan brought over. Unfortunately for DIC, my hatred towards their dubbed Sailormoon has not diminished because of this. has GROWN!

I'm making this website to vent my frustration with other anti-DIC people, and to make DIC dubbies more aware. Especially because every time I visit the U.S. (my cousins live there) all I hear are: "Serena" and "Scouts"! AGHHH!
(And that "She's the one named Sailormoon" that song gets to me...)

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